Been reading too much :D

O.o been reading a lot of Korean Grammar In Use and I have learnt so much but so glad that I bought this grammar book it is amazing :D so much to learn!

There seems to be a lot of grammar points that I didn’t know of ~ really wonderful of course it is difficult for me still – its a challenge that I am enjoying though since most of the explanations are just visual and barely an English is used in the book its just Korean ^^ can you imagine how hard that is for me?!

It’s actually very very hard :D but I can’t say I’m not enjoying it ^^ makes me feel like I am really working on my Korean >.> its progress!

Sentence I found while looking up words in the dictionary :

자꾸 연습하면 아주 잘 하게 된다

practice makes perfect

I am starting to catch onto new grammar patterns a lot faster than I was picking them up in 2011 now I see the structure and how it works faster and have less stress trying to work it out (:

Which is awesome!

Almost done with my attempted review of Korean Grammar In Use book :) maybe in a day or two LOL I still am reading it but I am glad its such a self-explanatory book! no fuss or anything like that :D glad haha!

Going to study now ^^ and everyone happy studying :)

코멘트 남겨주세요 <3 <3


4 thoughts on “Been reading too much :D

  1. An interesting language resource really motivates us to study!! And your enthusiasm for that Grammar book also motivates me to re-learn my Topik 150 Grammar Book. ^^ I haven’t re-read it since the last topik 28. Now I re-read and find out that I forget most of the grammar points. Language really needs pratice and revision . Thanks for inspriration  <3

    1. Yeah it really wonderful when a well written book gives such motivation :) and actually it’s a bit hard for me so you having taken the TOPIK I’m sure it’s pretty easy for you :D but thanks for giving me motivation :)

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