Changing my language of thought

So tired

I can’t actually write things in Korean my mind keeps trying to translate it to Korean from English and its not working very well :D

Its really frustrating when I have to look up all words that seem to not make sense from my English-thinking so like my entire system I’m trying to change the operating system of my brain to >.> Korean (:


Is that possible?!

I really don’t know if its possible but I’m guessing it is because it just means I have to think more in Korean than I do in English, right? Just replace everything I saw in English with Korean (in my head only) because I don’t know that many Korean words haha!

So today I will be permanently working on changing my language of thought and I have one ultimate goal today :) to write a 100% Korean blog post and post it on my Daum blog (or if I miraculously manage to open another Naver account my Naver blog) :D

And….and it must be longer than 100 Korean words XD ….too ambitious?!

I have to try and push myself or I just get all lazy and use the most popular excuse “Later….I’ll do it after I sleep a little”  and that can be two-three days later XD

Have a good day and wish me luck on that 100 + words of Korean writing :D

#happytuesday :)


3 thoughts on “Changing my language of thought

  1. I actually have a post(still in my drafts) talking about learning a language and learning to /think/ in that language. It is one of the tips of my linguistics professors whenever learning a new language! I am trying to do that too!

    1. But it’s really actually quite difficult to /think/ in your target learning language. Its already something that does not come naturally /speaking/ in your target language never mind actually thinking in it …but good luck to use both xD

      화이팅 <3

      1. Yes that’s true! That’s why you have to practice it! Still, it depends on every person, some can do it in a short period of time but some cannot. Woooh! Still a long way to gooooo!

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