Scrap those January resolutions!!!! its MARCH now

Writing a new set of resolutions :D

Because to be honest its March tomorrow (or already is for you ^^ YAY!!!) and I have done NOTHING ㅋㅋㅋ

I know it so its cool :D

But….HELP is on the way for me ^^ with some new resolutions ^^ here goes!!!!!!!

Blog more …because for me its the spice of life ^^ this blog is my baby and I wanna take care of her fill her with all my language learning journey (and of course random spazzzzz :D)

Read more #Korean ^^ because its fun :D

This one is a secret

And this one too :D

Latter on in March when I have less to do in my life ^^ I wanna put up my translation attempts of the Big Bang book!!!

Think in Korean ^^

During the course of the year I would love to buy 10 novels (like the Big Bang book) and 10 textbooks at a higher level (maybe TOPIK?!)

Blog on my Korean blog more ….I tend to forget because saying what I feel in both Korean and English sometimes is just so frustrating :| sometimes I play the “Latter” card :D

Cut out your G-dragon bias long enough to read the other parts of the Big Bang book (yeah! I only started reading it from GD parts and ended with them :D)

Watch drama with no subtitles….because subs make me so lazy to think of the words ^^

Did I say BLOG more?! Yeah I think I did :D

Do more Kakao calls with my Korean friends to improve on pronunciation ^^

Pay  more attention to my Chinese ….not only on my Korean ^^

And on a personal note ~

I need to get tougher I always feel like a weakling in Karate class :D

I guess that’s about it :D I will keep up with these :) sometimes I just need a little reminder of what I really want ^^ and Korean is a very important part of my life!!!!! and so is Chinese now :D …Chinese is so damn hard though HAHA!!!!

And  thank you to everyone who has liked my Facebook page ♥



11 thoughts on “Scrap those January resolutions!!!! its MARCH now

  1. I would like you to write more about chinese learning! I’m studying both Chinese and Korean too… Although as opposed to you my Chinese level is higher than my Korean Level… (I am almost beginning to learn Korean, like TTMIK’s Level 2… I started to learn Korean last summer, but I don’t study/practice it that much as I want to… I need to remade my new resolutions, we are still in time to success! :) 화이팅!

    1. I plan too ^^ its seems so complex though ㅠㅠ that is actually the only thing that scares me :) but I won’t give up and I think on TTMIK I am on level 7 don’t remember I don’t use TTMIK often enough to be honest I think my skills would be better if I did use ttmik :D Right! we are still in time to make it a successful language learning year :) 화이팅 to the both of use :)

  2. I laughed at the clever title. New Year felt like it was yesterday, but it’s March already?! Good idea, renew the new year resolutions. I think I’ll do it, too.

    1. Haha! Thank you :D at least I made you laugh :) but yeah it feels just like yesterday and how much I have achieved feels like NOTHING too so catch the up with the year while its still New ^^ Good luck to us :D

      화이팅 :D

  3. I need to do this as well. XD Some resolutions need to be modified and others need to be added. The ultimate one is finding a way to balance Korean and Japanese study. I keep finding a way to get Japanese in my hands instead of Korean. It drives me nuts. It’s like… I’ll think, “Let’s study Korean,” and when I look at my hands, Japanese study material is in it. It’s like it just skips ahead. TToTT I thought having biases fight over who’s #1 was bad enough but apparently it can happen with language. I think this is Japan’s revenge on Korea for stealing me away when I found out what k-pop was… >.>

    1. Yeah :D you should so that your Korean can have some sunshine too :D Haha! that’s me and Chinese these days I know how you feel I say to myself “ let me study Chinese” then before you know it you got all your Korean material out and ready so then you just forget about that other language :D

      Its easy to do but I have just made a timetable my Korean gets – Monday ; Wednesday and Thursday and my Chinese gets all the other days ^^ because it needs more work :) Revenge?! Hmm! maybe LOL

      1. Aha! A timetable! Alright, I think I’ve got this. Monday, Tuesday and Thursday for Japanese and Korean gets the rest. Those days are the ones I need to do homework for the next day so as long as I stick to that, Korean should be able to revive itself. XD

        I’m too busy and tired this semester. I wanna update my blog more. ;A; Gotta knock my schedule into shape. I make it sound like my schedule needs to go on a diet and make a workout plan… >.>

        1. yeah :D i think your Korean will be really really happy your paying attention :)

          Luckily for me I have this thing now where I balance everything really well :D I don’t seem to be feeling the whole “so busy….can’t think” straight thing ^^ which is great can blog all the time about how I learn ; and what I learn ^^

          Awesome :D

          1. That’s good. ^^ I wanna get to of the “damn busy schedule” feeling. All I have to do is hold concerts, do variety shows, travel to different countries and I’ll have an idol’s schedule. XD

              1. True. Poor guys rarely get the chance to think, “Hey I’m in a foreign country. Cool!” It’s more like, “Oh crap, I’m flying somewhere else now lolwat”

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