Motivation like a Steam train

Sorry if I start to rant!

W.O.W!? today my motivation to study languages is like a steam train I just want to GO-GO-GO don’t want to stop actually ^^

Though today I would just focus on my Korean ; some things I can hopefully get done today ^^


Now for Chinese….I want to do something BUT I’m actually afraid of the Chinese accent, its a hard accent to imitate LOL!! but am I going to give up? Hello no! I’m going to learn some stuff in Chinese ; then read my introduction ~ it will be short though :D my first Chinese words, ha-ha!

Chinese things I would like to do today,

  • say a short introduction in Chinese
  • write a Lang-8 entry for Chinese
  • find some good online resources for Chinese learners
  • find a good Chinese dictionary (online or offline)
  • Any Chinese comics online to read! (kinda like Daum or Naver has for Korean!!!)
  • find some Chinese language exchange partners ^^

Ah! that’s a lot to do :D but I will get it done through-out the day! For Chinese, I still feel a bit weird because now I’m a beginner at a new language and that is always the most delicate part of the language learning journey, easy to get frustrated when things get tough. Keep fighting though :)

This will be fun ㅋㅋㅋ

Leave you with a snapshot of my new pens to write notes with ^^  0.03mm fine tip pens!!


2013 154
used a #filter that’s why the color looks weird ^^



4 thoughts on “Motivation like a Steam train

  1. Your motivation really inspires me. I think I should need to brush up on my Korean and Chinese Skills ^^ By the way, which Chinese dictionary are you using? I don’t buy any one. I just use the dictionary on the phone because we just need to draw the Chinese characters on the screen and then the phone automatically recognize the Chinese words ^^

    1. Thank you for those kind words ^^ it inspires me more! Well its still early in the year to start brushing up now and make it super fun :D and in terms of a Chinese dictionary I just found this one on iTunes store so I’m using this one ( I’m not certain about any others ^^ I’m still a beginner in Chinese (like 1 month) so I have little to NO skills in Chinese ㅠㅠ and do you mind giving me the name of that dictionary u use sounds helpful ^^ better than mine which has NO sound at all….

  2. If you use an iphone, you can go to the Setting part/ General/Keyboard/International Keyboard. Then you choose Chinese-Simiplified (Handwriting) .
    But as long as you have any smartphones, you can use this feature to draw Chinese Characters conveniently. (I am lazy at typing the Pinyin, so I just want to draw the characters)
    Hope this video helps

    ** I just use the simple application named “English-Chinese Dictionary” and “Pleco”.

    1. I have iPad (and an Android phone) but I added Chinese keyboard this morning LOL funny I never noticed the handwriting one :D thank’s for that! Honestly I barely know how to write so I first need to do that properly before I can use it :D so going to learn the characters :D


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