Totally lazy today ㅠㅠ

Sunday’s are not good for me LOL

I did almost nothing actually (T ^ T) I tried to read a few chapters of Korean Grammar In Use, but, I just landed up reviewing the 아/어 보이다 grammar in the first chapter ^^

2013 January 287

and I only did that for a few hours   about an hour ^^

I was really was so distracted today, I dunno why.


I did get a pretty good understanding of the grammar point at least :D so something good came of it, I guess!!!

But I am so cutting this crap of getting lazy (:

And have a good Monday even though they usually suck :D


2 thoughts on “Totally lazy today ㅠㅠ

    1. Your probably right :D but sometimes in my mind I just wanna do something so bad but everything else around me is working against me :D well after I’m done with my homework today I’ll study ; because I don’t feel tired or distracted ^^ and seriously I hate Mondays hehe!!!!

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