Better to stick to the rules

Strange title? Don’t know what it means?

Let me tell you ^^

A while back I said I found it frustrating to always do Korean lessons from Podcasts or whatever in order, but, now I think that was a better option for me! I don’t seem to have the control to go back and forth with lessons (: once I skip over lesson 4 and do lesson 16 you can be sure I’m NEVER going back to finish the lessons in between 4 and 16 :D

Its a very bad habit but anyway. Now that I know about it, I just won’t do it anymore ㅋㅋㅋ Stick to the lessons that are laid out for me, they are set out like that for a reason ^^ who am I to change that?!

So basically because of my own screw up gonna be redoing all of these lessons ^^

Sogang Korean – was doing lessons on this site like crazy, remember last year December with the holidays? Then I thought the Novice was too easy for me (which it was!!) and I skipped to the Intermediate II section and did that instead which was cool, I had no problems with it ^^ enjoyed it actually (: learnt at lot! challenging and engaging ~

Talk To Me In Korean –  A while back before I started this blog I had a real good habit of always going onto TTMIK’s website to check new lessons and follow along with them, this was when they were just on Level 3 still so I could catch up and I did then ; but now they are on Level 9 and I have only done till Level 7 (midway) they seemed a little easy for me at times ; then at times they seem hard. So to put it simply I’m really confused ^^ so I will just go back to Level 5 or something – and I read 3 Iyagi’s so far so I will continue with those too!

LingQ – Luckily I still log onto my LingQ account everyday :D I really like using LingQ ; so I make sure to do my lessons on there daily with-out fail ^^ makes me a bit proud of myself, something I manage to do :- create LingQ and much more ; practice reading ; listening and my pronunciation which is gotten a lot better ^^

Korean Class 101 – now I am really without a doubt addicted to this site ^^ its amazing I always find something for myself ; but again I also don’t follow lessons I am currently doing the Lower Intermediate with the Upper Beginner lessons ; see my mismanaged learning?! and with both those levels I have no problem, the Lower Intermediate has more of a challenge for me than the other but I still listen for reinforcement ^^

Books – I have my textbooks ; and my Big Bang book, but only with my Korean Grammar in Use do I follow it page-by-page ^^ seems better that way for me! but with the Big Bang book I tried reading the G-dragon parts first and I am almost done with those parts then a few days ago I started with the T.O.P parts and skipped the rest :D its a bad habit I know that.

Oh! so now its back to my old ways ; waking up in the morning and doing 3-4 Korean lessons and going over them over the day ^^ great! I like my old ways :D they are the right ways for my personality and I will never try and change the way I study because I kinda figured out that there is really only one method that works for me : the method I have been using for the past two years ^^



4 thoughts on “Better to stick to the rules

  1. I gave up following lessons in order long time ago because it just doesn’t work for me and I found that my failure in following my own lesson plan just gave me unnecessary guilt. Now the only rule I follow is I must at least spend 30 minutes enjoying something in Korean every day. Just saying about my own learning habit, not trying to lecture you or anything. OK then, 파이팅 합시다! :)

    1. I tried it that way and its not working for me LOL I dunno why it did for a while then when I go out of a line of structure I seem to get lost ㅠㅠ its very weird ; I know that!!!! and yeah the no less than 30 minute rule always stands ; because when you do away with that you can just forget to do things ^^ I know I do!!!!!!!! and no I’m glad you shared your learning habits :) and Thank you <3

    1. Yeah its the Big Bang autobiography called “세상에 너를 소리쳐!” since I am the absolute Big Bang fangirl :D

      Hahaha I am all fine now studying all the time I think I should stop a little because I have too many assignments to do and I’m not paying attention to them just my Korean kekeke ^^

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