I wanna buy more books ^^;;

I love buying Korean books!!

I just have one ULTIMATE problem  : SHIPPING CHARGES

That’s why sometimes I wish I was closer to Asia like most Korean learners :| then I could walk into any bookstore in my city and get a Korean book I love or I wanna have and that would just be that NO SHIPPING CHARGES or anything like that  :-c —  but sadly the closest I get to Korean around here is the one solitary Korean shop in the country that sells some seriously cool nail polish ^^

372013 099
^^ 우와 …..glittery just my style :D

SIGH ^^;;

But no! my position in the world mean that when I buy a 30$ book I need to pay 40$ shipping charges…..WHY?!

It really puts me off buying things most times ^^;; because I could get 5 books extra if the charges were not so high

Which is why I have come up with the perfect plan ^^ I know I want my books really fast when I buy them but whats the point when I land up paying an arm and a leg for them?! Its really useless!!

I am only a highschool student whose only cash source is Mummy and Daddy  ^^ so I need to manage costs so I don’t waste their money ^^

So from now on when I buy books I am going to use a UK address for books from Asia and a US address that my Mum has for books from Hanbooks  ;) which means I save a bunch on shipping and I checked :-D

Here is when it is shipped to my address here at my home :

that’s 30$ on shipping charges which to me is just insane, I could go back and buy another book with that!

Here is when it is shipped to a US address :

shipping charges gone ^^ great! = its perfect for me :)

That’s why I think its better to get them sent to a US address ^^ although it does add an extra two -three weeks onto my waiting time for books it does not matter at all ^^ Getting more and more books to read is essentially the most important thing to me ; getting my books a little late just adds to my fun :D

ps: I plan to buy these books with-in the next week ^^ really looking forward to reading them

Hmm! I see hints of me trying to grow up and be more grown-up haha must be the weather today :-*

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