Missing a particle?!

Hey :D

Yesterday my internet connection was virtually DEAD I think it was maintenance or something ^^

Which was good in a way ; I mean I am a total internet addict XD so having it out of my way meant I did more Korean study ㅋㅋㅋ

I asked my sister to test my Korean for me by just asking me how to say random things that she could see the answers of the questions or sentences and also surprise she actually recorded my answers to test my pronunciation :D

I had no clue she was doing that ㅎㅎㅎ

Questions –  my sister asked me questions from TTMIK Level 3 till Level 7 and I got most of them correct save for Level 3 I think out of all it I got about 20 correct ONLY which is weird because when now it came to Level 5 ; 6 and 7 I got 90% of those questions correct?! How odd…

After that was done …it had taken about an hour and a half to ask me and write my scores down and all the things I missed my sister told me what she felt were my weak points and what I needed to work on more ; going to use her words :D

Your good…but Level 3 needs to be redone and you suck at particles because you didn’t put them in the right spots you got the whole of Level 3 wrong.What’s wrong with you?  Do it again ~ how can you not know those ones?! and speak up because I can’t hear a word your saying ; your like whispering or something the words don’t bite just say them!!!

Missing particles – now for the “missing particles” (: every time I said a sentence in Level 3 I said everything correct but I either added the wrong particle or I didn’t put it there at all ㅎㅎㅎ including at times the negative 안 that is needed most times before 밖에 ~ I just didn’t add it there which essentially made the sentence wrong XD or I would use my own words which means I did get it right but she wasn’t going for that :D it had to be the exact wording used in the lesson! Oops ㅋㅋㅋ

Pronunciation – She actually said she couldn’t hear what I was saying told me to “speak up” because “the words don’t bite” but other than that everything was alright and when I listened to the audio she gave me two hours later I noticed that I don’t pronounce words like correctly I land up saying something that sounds more like the English “torn”   and 하다 when I say it sounds more like the English word “hat-a” hat with a = hat-a ; its softer than what it should be and don’t get me started on me not saying the differences when it comes to ; ㅈ, ㅉ and ㅊ to me they all sound the same when I say them ㅠㅠ 

So I think it’s safe to say that I need some practice with Level 3 and some letters I need to learn to say with a more Korean accent :D

Study well xD and don’t forget to practice everyday <3

Feel free to leave your own opinions (^_^)



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