Learning Pinyin

Today I am not feeling my best ㅠㅠ but I thought I would just do something simple, and learn Pinyin because learning the characters is just so complex (: I will progress as time goes on (:

So I have found a few sites out there (: even though my Google/Baidu skills are rubbish I still managed to find some really helpful resources out there (: I will share them later on after I have had a good look at them!!

And I am also going to be trying ChineseClass101 (: going to eventually find out if its as great as KoreanClass101 :D

But in the meantime I will be stuck on here for a while I think :

http://www.courses.fas.harvard.edu/~pinyin/pinyin1.htm here you can learn the tones of Pinyin and how to read it and pronounce it, then they also have a section with classroom expressions in Chinese/Pinyin (:

Have a good day everyone (:




2 thoughts on “Learning Pinyin

    1. No problem ^^ Haha!!! your lucky the whole tones thing actually confuses me a little still (: but I am getting the hang of it slowly (: *curiously wondering what Vietnamese looks like*

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