This week is Chinese week :D

How I love learning new things :D

There is gonna be lots of bad grammar here ㅎㅎㅎ blogging from my cellphone!!! but it’s almost home time and I know I still have a seriously large amount of homework to do but today I want to study some Chinese even if it’s just basic phrases :D

Although it would be kinda nice to be able to write a little introduction here in Chinese ^^ a bit ambitious  I know but still if I dream then it will happen :) right?!

Later ㅎㅎㅎ

#happychinesestudy :)



5 thoughts on “This week is Chinese week :D

  1. Yay! Glad to see you blogging about chinese learning! Let me begin introducing myself in Chinese, ok? :)
    你好! 我叫lucia,但是我中文名是子琭(Zilù)。我二十四岁了,我的生日是十一月二号。我是西班牙人。我是老师。我会说西班牙语,英语和法语,也学习中文和韩语。

      1. I’ve been studying Chinese for … umm a year and a half.
        Some things are extremely easy compared with korean, grammar for example, words are shorter … and other things are more difficult, tones and characters (but you know some hanja, don’t you? So there’s not much difference… :)
        加油!Jiāyóu is the Chinese 화이팅!

        1. Wow! That’s a long time :D Awesome…
          I realized so far that the characters are very hard so that’s why I am learning the Pinyin first and going to learn Simplified for now :) and yes I do know some Hanja not much just Level 7 …I think :D and 加油!to us :)

          1. It’s being a long time, but the journey is still so looong, hehe. But I do enjoy the journey so… keep learning languages!
            My advice is to began as soon as possible with characters (of course, first of all learn how to pronounce pinyin and tones) and then begin with characters & pinyin, but not focus that much on pinyin… It’s like in Korean, I always use 한글 and try not to use romanization… It’s just an advice that works for me, do whatever you like more :)
            I began to study Korean last summer, but I didn’t study that much… I’m still in TalktomeinKorean Level 2, so… almost a begginer… For how long have you been studying Korean?

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