What looks simplest may not be SIMPLEST!


For me this is Pinyin :p

It looks real simple and your like “oh its in the English alphabet….simple I can learn that real fast” Turns out that yeah I can learn it really fast but remembering the pronunciation is a real killer for me :p its actually not that easy.


But even though I find Pinyin actually worse than learning the Chinese characters themselves I have just decided to deal with it to get a better understanding but I am not going to dwell on it for weeks just a few days to get my understanding then I am gonna chuck Pinyin out the bloody window :D but my main focus when I have found the time and energy in the last few days has been tones ~ because Chinese tones make me very very scared ^^ in a good way though (:

So simple advice is don’t dwell on learning Pinyin no matter how intimidating those crazy looking they look, although I don’t doubt the helpfulness of Pinyin in the extreme beginning (like me ^^) but don’t stick with it for weeks it will drag you down ^^ and you don’t want that now do you?

And the picture shot I have is what I am focusing on (: the “Tone Changes”  will tell you how that goes ^^


2 thoughts on “What looks simplest may not be SIMPLEST!

  1. Same here!!!!!!!!!!! I found it difficult to remember Pinyin :(((( As for the Chinese Characters, we can imagine or draw to remember, but I have no idea how to remember Pinyin. :(( Maybe one of the best way to remember Pinyin is to speak out loud Chinese, but I do not have any Chinese friends . :(((

    1. Hehehe :D at least I know its not just me xD Pinyin honestly so far as I have seen is not the best way to learn (although I am still tryna wrap my head round the Characters, too) I believe they are simpler than Pinyin which takes too much effort :) speaking is always goo but like you I am still looking for Chinese friends DX

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