[Audio Blog] Korean reading practice #1

Well…not really an audio blog but just some reading practice (: just checking if my intonation is correct  but I did notice a lot of mistakes, when I was pronouncing the word “풀이” it sounded a bit awkward actually ^^ not natural at all. And again I noticed that there was no difference between me saying ㅈ,ㅉ, and ㅊ, they all sound identical when I say them (: I need to work on that

Saying “가격표가” sounded like a bit of a tongue twister to be honest, haha :) I made a slight mistake with the pronunciation of “얼마예요” I was trying to talk a little bit faster than usual :D

Other than that my reading speed seems to have improved, which is good ㅎㅎㅎ

Well, that’s that :D


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