[Pictures] Hyorin and Soyu Vogue Girl

Well first of all I am a seriously huge 효린 fan :D

I really LOVE Hyorin ♥

And Hyorin and Soyu (SISTAR) were in Vogue Girl for the April Issue (I just wish I could get the physical copy) so here are the teaser photos of Hyorin and Soyu (:

And, Hyorin showed her forehead :) she usually covers her forehead and she still looks so pretty ~ 정말 예뻐요

Fan-girl me will be translating the Vogue Girl interview with Hyorin and Soyu :D look forward to it even if it may be a little rusty ^_^

Pictures :)


She looks stunning :) even when she doesn’t have her bangs covering her forehead ^^



Well, that about it now :D need to get note taking AGAIN :)

I really love doing this :)

When I really get into my studying habits its like I can’t stop :) it wonderful and I just hope and pray that this can continue forever (: I know it will but I just hope nothing trips me up ~ like an exam or anything like that ^^


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