Ah! Unproductive ME

Ah! Today I was actually determined to work on translating articles to improve on vocab since I kinda..well..SUCK!! Big time! And I know it :) but I am seriously working on improving that by reading more and more and trying my hardest to expose myself to anything and everything Korean ^^

Obviously I did make time for something Korean just not “study” I think I’m all worn out after the HaruKorean “crazy” days so I was on energy-save mode (a.k.a lazy day) so a few things I read on SeoulSelection and K-Holic and what-not :)

Drama CRACK!!!

I also just happened to find my new drama crack while I was sitting around complaining of how bored I was :D it’s called “내 연애의 모든것” (All About My Romance) and it’s really funny and soooooo cute <3 I am enjoying it after just watching the first episode I will definitely be following this one weekly as it plays :)


And I was talking to someone on KakaoTok and I was recommended the Taiwanese drama “Alice in Wonder City” which I will watch tomorrow because its already 11:30 p.m and I am exhausted (^_^)  but the cover has already made me wanna watch it (I love violins)


ps : just remembered I actually did do some study “flashcards” in the afternoon :D but that’s about it ^^

My two cents ~ I’m out!!

Bye ~


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