No relation to the post :D I’m just hating the cold right now so….yeah!

Lately I have little to no time to study Korean ; Chinese ; French ; (yeah! did I mention I’m learning French now too?!) this time though its not due to me being seriously lazy but I have exams and school stuff going on so I need to put more study hours into my #schoolwork :)

Even though I don’t have much time to study all those languages I have to chosen to love I still have my first LOVE which is Korean and I have been making sure to just listen to some music when I can just so I can keep up with it, it helps to listen to anything in your target so you notice anything and everything that you know…makes sure you don’t forget it all and land up doing a crash course a few weeks later. Also, flashcards are helpful in these times because I can add to them really quick and review them and learn stuff even though time is not on my side!

My HaruKorean has been a lot dead :) last made a sentence a few days ago :( a little sad but if I don’t have time I can’t really beat myself up over it just get up and do something when I can …its better than nothing I guess :)

PS: I need to clean up my sidebar :) its looking cluttered…A LOT now :)

Anyway, everyone have a good weekend (wait! I think it’s over already?! LOL)

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7 thoughts on “I HATE THIS COLD D:

    1. I’m doing them all in a different way so its much easier :) especially the French is with my whole family so I don’t have to put that much effort into it :) they told me I need to learn a non-Asian language LOL and than you :) It’s raining like mad right now at 4 a.m that’s nuts…don’t like it haha and I live in Zimbabwe :)

      1. It may be my Scandinavian upbringing speaking here, but “cold”? In Zimbabwe? :-D here in Denmark we’re up to having 10-15 degrees C by now so I haven’t been wearing gloves for a couple of days, enjoying the spring weather hahaha. It just shows how relative temperature is :-D

        1. Haha! yeah it was too cold for me yesterday and the wind was a bit “chilly” for my liking :D and are you serious 10-15 degrees C? That’s FREEZING to me it was only 19 and I was complaining because it was raining as well :( and your happy with 10-15? That’s insanity ~ I would really not leave my bed at the temperature ^_^ but yeah you are right it is relative when your in different regions what you can call “spring” I call “global warming…this is not right….ahh I can’t live in this weather” moments :D I remember one time it got to 14 degrees (in 2010) or something like that and I refused to go to school for 5 days LOL :)

          1. Yeah, it was really cold… I survived with a woolen undershirt, a T-shirt, two woolen cardigans, two scarves, a wool/cashmere blend coat, a hat, finger gloves and then also wool-insulated leather mittens on top of the regular gloves ;-) (and ski underwear under the jeans). I promised myself never to move further North without buying myself a very furry coat after that winter. Some of my classmates’ skin was literally peeling off their noses because it was the only thing that they couldn’t cover up when outside. Teaches you to be almost religious about moisturising!!! In that kind of weather, unless you have a thing for cross-country skiing or have 15 sled dogs that need exercise, you stay indoors.

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