Where am I? – Korean

I have been studying Korean for just over 2 years now but I wouldn’t say it was constant over the 2 years but over the last couple months (almost a year now) I would say I was more concerned with my studies in Korean so where am I really? 호호호


Am I Beginner? Intermediate? or somewhere lost in between!


Answer to that is ‘I’m not really certain’ but I know what the answer is – I’m lost in between :)


I’m neither a Beginner nor Intermediate I’m somewhere there in the middle ^^;;


Below is my Korean learning journey timeline :)


May 2011 Newbie Season 1-2 (KC101)
August KC101 Beginner 1
September KC101 Beginner 2
October (break)
November (break)
December KC101 Beginner 3
January 2012 KC101 Beginner 4
February (break)
March (break)
April KC101 Beginner 5


Then till I opened this blog all I would do was read a CNBLUE tweet or do a quick word quiz nothing much in the reach  of learning new material ㅠㅠ


Then I found ttmik and I just started from Level 1 and kept going for a little while till Level 3 and I haven’t really followed much since then ~ typical me ㅋㅋㅋ but what has helped is reading my Korean textbooks and books ^^ still lost though, haha…


So as you can see I had a lot of break in with my studies and that didn’t really pay off!!! Because now I am LOST…!!!


내가 잘 못 해서!!! this will not do problem needs to be rectified!!!


안녕 <3





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