Chinese Character Practice – 你好!

Today I printed about 5 copies of Chinese character practice sheets focusing on 6 Chinese words, because now I kind of understand the Pinyin way better than I ever did and I don’t get that confused (just a little sometimes, I admit that!!!!)

Words in Focus






Those 5 words and 1 name I actually wrote all from my head, had some trouble with 名字 I wrote ‘孟子’ got a bit mixed up with the Pinyin ‘meng’ and ‘ming’ (:

Below for practice, I wrote these words and characters a few times in my NEW language notebook just for my Chinese (:

I know my writing is extremely untidy, big, and just very messy!!!! But its the first time I ever written in real Chinese characters so, I guess it was alright!!

may 26 060

Every time (in the future) when I post a picture of the Green notebook think ‘Chinese time!!’ because its my Chinese notebook ^^ the first one, so I will call this notebook my ‘Firstborn’ ㅋㅋㅋ

In the corner can you see I wrote ‘Hello I’m Kay’ in Chinese characters :

你好 我叫 Kay!

#Practice Sheets

may 26 061

and another :)

may 26 062

I want to keep my Chinese learning journey highly documented to the tee so I can look back on it one day!!!

再见!! (See you again!!)


2 thoughts on “Chinese Character Practice – 你好!

  1. 你好kay!
    Good to see you’re practicing Chinese :)
    Just one tip, follow the stroke order, it’s really important.
    And practice 女 nv (woman) and 好 hao (good), practice more the “woman part”
    When I first started to learn Chinese, I thought that “stroke order” couldn’t be that important…
    Well, in fact it is, and it’ll help you when you know more characters, to write more “fluently” and more “beautiful” characters.

    1. Yay!! I’m enjoying it too (: and wow I didn’t think stroke order was that important and that woman part is very complex T^T not even 100% certain my hand can even write like that (: but I will practice daily and anytime I get!!!! :) Thanks for the comment!!!

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