1st Chinese Learning update!!!

Hii!!! my first Chinese learning update :D

So I think I now have it down how to pronounce things in Chinese it does not seem that complex as it did to me about 3-4 weeks ago even tongue twister words like 再见 [zai2jian1] Chinese for ‘See you again’ (:

xuexiba (fellow Chinese learner)  ^^ advised me that it would be important to learn the Chinese stroke order because it would help in making my characters look more beautiful and help with the fluidity in writing *ehm* I am going to take your advice xuexiba because I really didn’t believe that stroke order was that important to take into account I just thought ‘If I can write it then that should be alright’ seems I was off track on that one …so thanks for the tip ^^


Yikes. I thought looking for Korean resources was a pain in the !@#$%^&* I was very wrong Chinese is much  worse actually, so far I have only found one site that I find reliable and that teaches in a reasonable way compared to others out there with the very idiotic copy and paste names like ‘Learn Chinese Mandarin in 30 Days’ because it is way impossible to learn Chinese in 30 days!!!! The names of these sites scream SCAM very irritating when looking for sources for dictionary/ and learning ):

Best Chinese learning source *I’m using it”* is ChineseClass101

I think its also time I start looking about on online stores for some Chinese study textbooks ^^ I know that most times studying without a textbook can have more benefits for Chinese I want to have a different approach than to my Korean study and who knows maybe if its better I will switch to this method *whatever this method*

So if you guys *Chinese learners* out there know of any good Chinese learning textbooks leave a comment :)

Bye!!! 再见!!!


18 thoughts on “1st Chinese Learning update!!!

  1. Another thing that i would like to add about the stroke order: if you plan on buying a physical dictionary you need to know the number of strokes based on the stroke order to use it :P

      1. It’s a little bit hard to look up characters/words in physical dictionaries, and of course they’re heavy to carry around…., so I would recommend you to use some online dictionaries like nciku.com (you can draw the character you don’t know, which is like the coolest feature ever!)

        If you want to learn how to look up on a physical or online dictionary just check out what I wrote on my blog here (sorry, it’s in spanish, but

        The english “google translate” is not the bad…. (well, just a little, but it’s “undestandable”)

  2. Hi there! I’m LK, you can call me K too ( which is also your name right, Kay? :p )

    Yeah, I also do not believe in those Learn *insertlanguagehere* in 30 Days or whatever.. Especially in Chinese!! I studied Mandarin in the university, but sadly, we mostly used pingyin… We had a few writing practices though.. and yes, the stroke orders are important so you can write it more correctly and faster.. Before, I also thought that copying the characters like drawing is enough to know how to ‘write it’ but I was wrong.. I think when one really wants to learn Chinese, it is really advantageous to give the characters more emphasis than the pingyin.. just like in Korean where we should avoid romanisations..

    I also want to re-study Chinese (my main focus is Korean but just like you, I’m learning Japanese and Chinese also), so I’ll be waiting for more of your Chinese learning posts too. ^^ I’ll let you know if I also find a good site or textbook to learn from too. :) Good luck!! :D

    1. Yeah :D that’s my name too!!!! I kinda have to work on that beautiful character writing thing :( but I’ll get there ~ those 30 day learning things are nonsense and frustrating when it comes to looking for real resources….and thanks for wishing me luck ~!!! I need it :D good luck yourself!!!!


  3. Hi, have you checked out FluentU.com? It is an interesting concept showing video snippets from YouTube to help learn Chinese. I am just dipping my toe in the water with Chinese myself. Thanks for sharing Chinese101, it looks good! -Charlie

  4. Can’t believe I didn’t read this before…
    Chinese is a little bit hard but you’ll find its resemblance with Korean (I actually find them ^^)

    加油! :)

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