Bye May. Hello June

Mood : Irritated because I have the flu!! Pain. Headache. Ah.

It’s almost June. Wow. This month for me went kind of fast (: it seems like just a few days ago that it was April. I did so much little I finally got round to actually studying Chinese not just saying I will do it and then getting freaked out at the pronunciation, or whatever excuse I had chosen to make (: and I’m glad I actually just started to study because now I really enjoy Chinese and I don’t think I am studying it for Korean anymore.

I’m studying Chinese for Chinese :) which is a lot better!!! Right? I now see the beauty of the language not the benefits it can give me which I never thought would happen. My Korean I think is picking up from its former disaster of me not studying a bit due to being busy or whatever the case was, but now I think I am were I left off and I will continue further non-stop because whenever something is wrong (stress, tired, sick…etc.) I feel like studying I have no idea why but it seems to help with getting new grammar and vocabulary in my head (:

So weird situations now make for the perfect study time for me :)


Last night/ or this morning at 00:47 AM I just woke up because this flu was really killing me and I just stayed up did some of my homework due Thursday and then continued studying Korean till 3:30 AM studying honestly made me feel ten times better than I was already feeling (that was like death all warmed up…btw!!) ㅋㅋㅋ

Just a few pictures of some notes I wrote early this morning!!


29 may 029
I like drawing boxes now to cut off from other things in my notebook (:


These days I feel like drawing boxes around my notes (: for vocabulary and then write a Korean sample sentence outside the box next to the vocabulary word I think it looks a lot neater :)

29 may 030

Writing full dialogue using whatever grammar or vocabulary I am learning ^^ its a good idea for on the go of note reading ….and I have a habit of taking my notes everywhere with me so if I am bored or have no interest in what’s happening around me I will just start reading notes or think of something to write in Korean (:

ㅋㅋㅋ :)

Looking forward to June now (: 뿅!!


On a separate note! Have people lost all consideration for others? I say this not to be whiney or anything like that but it seems like some people really don’t see what they are doing, or simply don’t care!!!! The reason I have the flu is because of some people like this ): I was fine and not exposed to anything and stupidly decided to go with my Mum to pick her niece up (supposedly) to go to the hospital for visiting hours next thing I know I’m in a car with two very sick kids and they are coughing heaps on me, I regret going, but then it also made me think that we should have been called and notified “My kids have the flu so don’t come” because to me that seems like the right thing to do not make another child sick because you either don’t see what is happening or you simply don’t care!!! Whatever the case I honestly believe people should think more of what they are doing and about who and how it will affect. Tomorrow I have a 2 hour Biology lesson and I just hope I am all better otherwise I might have to miss which is really disappointing.

I guess my rant is over :)

미안해요!! :)

PS : need to sort out my categories they are getting a bit long-er than I thought they would :p


15 thoughts on “Bye May. Hello June

  1. Pleased get better. Being sick and school is the worst mix.
    I like the idea of making dialogue with the vocabulary learned. It must make your notebook very entertaining. ^^

    1. yeah. it is the worst ^^ thank you I’m sure I will get better soon!!! and it does I get to make lots of non-real-life stories that are just nice to read while still getting my Korean study done :D Thanks for the comment!!!

    1. Still got a headache D: but I will be good soon drinking loads of herbal tea (: yeah I would have still visited anyway I guess …so no harm done really.

    1. Thanks!! :)

      Haha. Glad I could help with an idea ^^ tip is to take time with it so you can surely remember what you learn based on what you write :)

      Good luck!!

        1. That never works out :D its like a Don’t Do in language learning you have to take it easy with learning vocab so it sticks in your head longer ; accessible to use :)

            1. Sometimes the hard way is the best way :) learning from your mistakes. And…just a couple of months because I was hardcore with studying basics :)

  2. I hope you feel all the way better soon! Also, I love how cute your notes are^^ It inspires me to take neater notes ㅋㅋㅋ I can be very messy because I get overexcited and write too quickly;; 어떻게~ ㅎㅎ

    1. Thank you ^^ I feel much better now :) 감기가 다 나았어요 ㅋㅋㅋ haha I always thought my notes where not as neat as I thought but thanks for the compliment :)

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