Much Ado About Nothing

Hii ;)

I’m so happy that I am completely recovered from my flu from yesterday!! I don’t have to miss any classes :D which is GREAT. Didn’t really do much language study today more getting other things done but right now I am working on creating a language learning method for myself, or anyone who cares to use it :)

Language Method?

Yeah. I need one and I need one that fits me not some polyglot learner who can speak 20 languages. Simple methods do the trick for me (: I’m not insulting all the other language learning methods out there but its one of those things that needs to be more personalised because most methods are focused on goals in language learning and that is too rigid for my liking I want my method to be more curious and adventurous not stuck up!!!

Basically reflecting my personal style in doing everything :)

All I have time for now :) while I think more :D



6 thoughts on “Much Ado About Nothing

  1. I am planning on making my own study method too because I don’t want to waste my time anymore.Make sure to share it with us once you find a method that works for you(so that I can steal some of your tips haha).

  2. Kay- Have you heard anything from the post office? Since you were not able to receive the book, we would like to send you one more from Sogang university.(is it okay?) Please let us know what’s going on now.

    1. Hey!!! Lucky I’m actually online right now :) and they still have not contacted me about the whereabouts of the book I really wish I had it sent to my house here were I live but if its as the post office then I will have to push more on that issue :( and if you send me another book send it to my name ; address (yes it is okay!!) then they will be less stress and I will get it in a few days!!!! :) will update you as soon as possible!!! – Kay

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