Busy trying NOT to be Busy…

Hey guys :D

Long week this has been and I am just so tired haha but I’m busy trying to not be busy its not easy…everything is just so hectic right now can barely get everything that needs doing done!! And I absoloutely hate the feeeling when I can’t get everything I want to get done in my mental-list >< so frustrating, trying to get that feeling outa my mind but its so hard!!

Okay drifting there for a while but, anyway, remember my previous post I was supposed to post some photos of the Yonsei 4-1 book I recieved on Wednesday (I think…I'm guessing now) but anyway I will post pcitures soon soon but on Thursday I tagged the book along with me to my Biology theory class and I had a few moments (ten or so minutes) and I was reading it and GUESS what? Its not really that hard lol I was so shocked at how much I understood ~ even though the grammar explanations as little as they are , are very simple enough to understand a few times I was a little lost but using Korean Grammar in Use helped because I used them together and its super great ;) enjoying it a lot!

I read the first grammar point and I got it instantly! ^^

Moving on, I wanna buy more Korean textbooks ^^ but I first want to finnish this book and revise over the others I have then I will actually take a HUGE plunge and buy 10 textbooks at once. That will probably happen. If I have my way. Haha!

So well my sleep deprived self continues to study you guys have a great day :p



10 thoughts on “Busy trying NOT to be Busy…

  1. Hi Kay, nice to ever have a chance to leave a comment here. I followed your blog since I decide to self study Korean. About several months ago. I keep looking at other Korean self study blog to keep motivated. Your learning passion conveyed on your blog is one of those keep motivating me. 함께 공부하자 ! You’re far advance than me in Korean :D am just newbie hehehe

    1. Hi! Sorry for not replying faster I have been so busy ^^ but its such a lovely comment to leave and I appreciate it so much :) makes me very happy and I wish you all the luck in learning Korean!!!!! 아자아자!!!!

      1. No worries Kay, I am also in trouble arranging my korean study and my work. I wish I am able to not work and just exploring Korean :D. Working seems dominating me much
        Fighting …

  2. Haha, I’m planning on doing the same thing when I get through some of the stuff I have now. I’m gonna stock up on textbooks so that when I’m ready for something more challenging, I don’t go, “Damnit I need to wait for money…” XD Language learners should get material for free… It’s probably bad for the economy, but hella good for us. :DDD

    I really wish there were mini communities somewhere where I can ask people questions about things I’m unsure of. I have so many friends who live near me and are native Japanese or live in Japan, but for Korean… I have like… two people who are usually busy. XD I don’t know where to find them.

    1. Haha! Sorry for the super late reply ㅠㅠ haven’t had a lot of time but I’m back now :D and yeah we really should get free material xD it isn’t easy lolol <3 for us!!!!!!!

      Just find some new Korean penpals they are usually always helpful xD

      1. That’s the thing. I don’t know where to find them. XD I’m thinking of sweeping off the dust from my lang-8 account for a start. And on my me2day it’s like everyone is from everywhere but Korea. o.O

        1. Haha!!! ̱!!! Just follow random Koreans that seem nice on Twitter (or me2day but the me2day people seem a bit strange to me lol) and tell them you are learning Korean that’s how I got 3 people I ask a lot of stuff from ^^ and also try Shared Talk or My Language Exchange both good!!! I like My Language Exchange more cos you can get a premium account and send messages to people. Others have found me too though xD I seem to talk too much at times ….Facebook is good too and Cyworld (:

          My lang-8 died after a while ha-ha I haven’t used it in a long-long time (: its so much simpler to send an email to some friends :)

          1. I’m going to try My Language Exchange for now since my tweets may make people go “she needs meds” unless their minds are like mine. XD I’m trying Interpals right now and I don’t know what’s going on in my messages. @.@

            1. Haha! ^_^ and yeah My Language Exchange is good use it! and mmm….does that mean my is like yours? LOL!! Interpals worked on my nerves lol nothing ever worked right for me o.O so I gave up pretty quick (4 days!!!)

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