Learning To Use Korean…

Hey!! ^^

Bet that sounds like a really silly post title?! (sorry if it confuses you ha-ha) I will explain it to you now ㅋㅋㅋ

If  you follow me on Twitter or have liked my Facebook page then you know that its very rare for me to use

Korean and I am beginning to believe that its my biggest weakness and stumbling block in my learning ; I don’t like making mistakes so unless I know I am right I never use my Korean…that’s 45% of the time but the other 55% is more I’m too lazy lolol (: but seriously I never seem to use my Korean and I am going to start doing that more and more often which means junk in Korean more often ㅋㅋㅋ 준비됐어?!

I have already started using Korean almost anywhere I can on Twitter (:


See :) its not a difficult task but I think it is important to remember even if I am writing complete junk I really don’t care with time it will be more sense and longer and loner ^^ my reasons for learning Korean don’t need me to be so abrasive with my learning ideas its all for self enjoyment and purely to prove I can do it for myself to FLUENCY!!!!!! I want to teach myself to fluency….

I have to “real” goals in learning but if I were to create one with one thought it would be : BE FLUENT IN KOREAN!!! that’s it nothing more and I actually believe I can do it …all by myself (:

So that’s the reason I am learning to use Korean ^^ to be the best I can be in learning it for myself ㅋㅋㅋ then when I am actively using it no matter how much rubbish sense it makes the ideas of creating words, sentences and scenarios is continuous in my mind it won’t turn off leaving me blank and thinking “How do I say that in Korean?” don’t want to have to ask myself that question ever-ever again!!!!!!!!!! I absolutely hate it with a passion ㅠㅠ

And….that’s also a hint that I will be blogging more in Korean but to keep my thoughts absolutely clear I will be doing that @ my Naver blog ^^ which looks like a wreck I know that but I will clean it up soon enough!! when I post in Korean I will post it here too for the first time then after that I will just have it on my Facebook page or wherever really even here (this blog!) if Naver begins to load slowly on some awful network days ㅋㅋㅋ maybe in about 1 year I can create a blog for Chinese ^^ that would be awesome having the ability to write in Chinese and express my thoughts it would be a total DREAM COME TRUE!!! but that will obviously take a back seat…I will still study Chinese but it won’t be a full-on obsessive compulsive disorder-like study like Korean is to me >.<

PS: I have warned you guys that I will be going a bit language crazy and be posting general thoughts where I can ^^ if you are native Korean or you spot a mistake correct me I would greatly appreciate it (: I’m just so happy things make more sense to me these days ^^ bye!!!


Oh! and I have added all blogs that were in my sidebar to a Blogroll page above (: it looks neater so check it out!! ^^


14 thoughts on “Learning To Use Korean…

  1. That’s great!! I started twitter to only tweet in korean in order to get use to it^^ and of course i have to follow my biasㅋㅋㅋㅋ It helped me alot tweeting just in korean :)

    1. Mmm. It is a good idea. I used to use me2day for Korean but I get tired of logging in everyday Twitter is right there ㅋㅋㅋ I actually don’t follow any celebs lolol :D

      1. 네- 잘 지내고 있어요. We have been looked for books originally made for Korean kids and we would update those after we come back from vacation. It’s very hot here. I heard G-Dragon is going to release 2nd solo album in August! >_<

        1. That’s good ^^ and you should look for books made for children but sometimes they can be a downer (: I look forward to seeing them!!! Here its so cold ㅠㅠ I want sun actually. Really? I thought it was maybe a rumour. But G-Dragon always releases his albums or singles on his birthday (18 August) I find that so funny 히히히!! I’m actually waiting for my CNBLUE Limited Edition album to arrive :) hope it comes soon :D

            1. I’m sure in a day or two ^_^ I can’t wait since I haven’t heard all the songs on the album! I wanna wait till I have it in my hand to listen it them (:

                1. I know I have their other albums ^_^ I’m like a super BOICE xD I don’t like to download their music free online I don’t think its fair ha-ha that’s why I wait for physical album ~ and I have a question about your store when I reach checkout I will email you in a little while you will probably reply tomorrow :)

                  1. I am also kind f not downloading free mp3(illegal). I use ollehmusic and pay monthly. Anyways, we are at the airport. I may not be able to reply today but as soon as I check your email, I would wend you an email.
                    Thanks- :)

  2. OMG I do the SAME thing. XD It’s like I know some stuff in Korean and Japanese and don’t have a valid excuse for not typing in it more, but I kinda avoid doing it. I gotta make mistakes and practice a lot to learn though. I already type a ton of nonsense on twitter so typing some nonsense in Korean and Japanese will fit in perfectly.

    You just reminded me about the ameba and naver blogs I don’t tend to. >.>

  3. I follow so many people speaking Korean on Twitter and STILL scared to use it. Now, I’m just reading posts to see if I can translate, but I need to practice writing in Korean too. You guys made me feel better and inspired me to keep working at it. Thanks.

    1. Haha! I know what you mean its hard to take the leap and just USE KOREAN but still trying is better than not trying xD But reading and translating is good too ^_^ you made me feel better actually ^^ and thank’s ㅋㅋㅋ

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