[Open Thread] Scarlet Letter – Literary Classics

This post doesn’t  belong here!! But anyway its my only blog so its gonna just go here (:

I am currently reading “The Scarlet Letter”as part of Literature in school and there are so many things I notice in it about the time, setting and also how skillfully the writer (Nathaniel Hawthorne) brings everything about the novel together its beautiful actually!!!

I’m on Chapter 6 right now (Pearl) and its such a well-done novel I almost cried a few times at the towns people s treatment of Hester Prynne, how they judged her like they knew what was in her heart ; they knew nothing of what she was carrying in her heart, her troubles, her pain…NOTHING!!! Yet they passed judgement on her without taking that into account.

You guys know the story, right? Well if you don’t it’s about a young woman (single) of course in the Puritan times who has a child out-of-wedlock which means she has committed adultery if the Father of her child has not stepped up to the plate and as a result of her child being born to her (a woman with no husband) she is sentenced to wear a Scarlet Letter on her chest forever!!! Which to me is cruel they should have seen she was protecting the man as well as his family (if he had one!) we later find out he doesn’t though ^^

Official Synopsis (from the back of my book) : In the market-place, Hester Prynne stands on the scaffold, sentenced to wear a scarlet “A” for the rest of her life. Refusing to reveal the identity of her baby’s father, she is shunned by the townspeople and is destined to live a solitary life on the edge of town with her daughter Pearl. Then a physician arrives in town carrying a secret that will ravage the lives of those closest to him, including his newest patient, the towns beloved minister. 

Haven’t yet got all the information of the book but it’s so interesting the climax I’m certain will be just as well written as everything else! ITS A CLASSIC…absolutely love reading literary classics like this (: the part I hate is writing Character Sketches ㅋㅋㅋ

PS : My favourite character now is Hester Prynne and Pearl (Hester’s daughter) like Pearl because she is another symbol in the book that Hawthorne uses, even her name.

Even though this post was a whole load of “not relevent” have any of you guys read the Scarlet Letter before? If you did, did you enjoy it? What other Literary classics have you read and enjoyed? Would love to know ^^ leave a comment! :)

Just talk about whatever you want in comments (:


2 thoughts on “[Open Thread] Scarlet Letter – Literary Classics

    1. It’s a really good book ^^ between writing this post this afternoon and now I am on Chapter 12 (almost done!!!) and its turning out amazing :) glad you feel like reading it after reading my post ㅋㅋㅋ if you find it hope you enjoy it…a lot!!!! Which ones have you read?

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