Studying Korean Daily……Not Really

Hey guys ^_^

I haven’t studied anything in over 3 days actually ㅋㅋㅋ

That’s a really long time xD although certainly not the longest time I haven’t studied for ^^ going to work on some grammar from Yonsei 4-1.

I’m actually not that far off with that book to be honest ha-ha its a cool book. I am on Chapter 3 right now and I really am surprised at it sometimes I swear when I think I am going to have “omg…this is shit hard” moments I surprise myself by having “aww…this isn’t so bad honey” moments :p

Obviously there are some weird words that pop up and I am like “what the hell…is this?” but hey I’m not fluent in Korean so having flawless understanding of words and grammar ^^ but I’m picking up and I am right where I left off I think (: remember I told you guys I started to study a while ago but because of school and other stuff I just stopped  slowed down and then only started up again last year, I put my start date (as in the day I started learning) as 16 May 2011 that’s 2 years and 1 month! Right?!

I didn't use a looks hazy xD my bad photo skills.
I didn’t use a filter…it looks hazy xD my bad photo skills.

You can see the highlighted words and sentences are the parts I don’t understand ^^ its not much which is good xD but I think I have to underline just a few more things on this page and go over it again…some research and then I can move to the next section in this Chapter :)

Well! That’s it ^^ everybody I hope you are doing well and have a good day or goodnight if its nighttime (: I will just continue studying for a while ^^

And! I changed the theme ^^ I’m not 100% certain it looks that nice so what do you think is it alright or should I continue experimenting and try a different theme?! Really would like to know ㅋㅋㅋ

Longer post to come tomorrow ^^ I promise!

Bye ^^


8 thoughts on “Studying Korean Daily……Not Really

    1. Hi ^_^ Yeah I know I read your blog all the time and your posts on Lang-8 and its so cool xD

      Korean is difficult sometimes but I won’t give and I hope to be as good as you :)

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