Boring drama talk!

Hey guys ^^

Yesterday I started watching two dramas that have been on my “Watch List” since their original air dates :D but lack of energy and time means I haven’t even got very far on both of them.

Two drama’s are 응답하라1997 (Reply 1997) and 내 연애의 모든 것 (All about My Romance) which means that one show I have been putting off for almost a year and the other almost a few months ^^;; bad me hey!

My reasons for watching the two dramas are “actor” orientated meaning because I am a fan of the actors/ or singers/ or whatever they are just I am a fan of them I wanted to watch the dramas and usually that results in me taking about a billion years to watch the dramas because I don’t even know that plots of them, xD

응답하라1997 I like Seo Inguk and Hoya so I wanted to watch it :D only now have I even read the plot of the drama and it seems very funny, interesting and cute but also I have something to say about that drama ; !@#$%^&* 부산 사투리 is difficult ㅠ.ㅠ I watched episode 1 yesterday and I was confused as hell ^^ I usually am when I watch a drama with no subs but still I get the point of what they are saying in Reply 1997 I got nothing so I will be going into 사투리 as much as I can, when I can simply because although its seems hard and confusing it seems like more fun too :D but that all belongs in another post :)

All about My Romance I just like Lee Min-jung she is pretty :D and talented in a way too ~ although I commonly refer to her as JK girl (comes from in Boys Over Flowers her parents where like super rich and it was JK Group that they owned, lol) this drama though I knew the plot of and can watch it with minimal confusion because its standard Korean :D and I enjoy it watched episode 2 and 3 yesterday night it was so funny everything makes me laugh they are supposed to be politicians but they are acting like 2 year old’s which is fun but I don’t think it has the usual K-drama feel to it which I actually LIKE :)

Plus. There is along list of dramas that I just didn’t get round to finishing just read the recaps which was fun but even that bored me to death with half of them :D

In all honesty the last drama I watched to the END was 각시탈 (Bridal Mask) last year ^^ which is a long long time ago to be honest!!! But I wanna watch something and I have these two which I will watch slowly today ^^

Everyone have a good Sunday :p


2 thoughts on “Boring drama talk!

  1. :o I haven’t watched those yet.
    I’ll add them to my list!

    Haha that’s how I am as well!
    I’ve been trying to watch “Boys Over Flowers” since the beginning of 2012 and I’m STILL only on episode.. 13? I forgot where I left off… :3
    You know what drama I recommend?
    “양왕” aka “Queen of Ambition”.
    Just finished watching it today ㅠㅅㅠ

    1. GO GO WATCH THEM! They are both very good dramas I am enjoying them based on the little I have seen of each :)

      Haha! I have sometimes just plain forgotten I have even watched 2 episodes of a

      drama only to have watched it 2 year later and be like “Oh! This drama? Why didn’t I watch it sooner?” :D

      I will take your recommendation and watch 양왕! its the one with Kwon Sang-woo right? Heard about it xD

      Hope its not too sad ~

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