Highlighter drama!

안녕 ^^ 케이에요

I got some serious highlighter drama :D 음 well not yet but its about start and its going to be kinda crazy with colours!!

I just decided today (right now!) that I was going to read the whole Big Bang autobiography book ^^ (세상에 너를 소리쳐!) since I bought the book I haven’t actually read it completely in the sense of ‘reading’ it but more like when I see something in studying I remember ‘Oh. That is somewhere in the book, lets have a look’ then I just rush see it understand it move on. Simple. Like that.

Now, though, I am reading it no matter how long it takes me its my next Milestone to achieve and that is going to create some serious highlighter drama when I am highlighting what I don’t know :) because I don’t know a lot. Well. I know a lot but I don’t know how much I know and if what I know is right context for book or its limited to a few set things like idioms ; certain Korean words used in certain ways. I’m going to find out anyway so no need for me to speculate what the future in reading this book is going to be right now (:


I’m seriously looking forward to it at the moment don’t know what to expect and don’t know much about what kind of an experience its going to be! Either way, I will be enjoying it because the end result is all I want all that hard work I will put into it pays off in the end. Then it makes it all worth it having read the whole book on my own ; my own space ^^ learning from it and gaining knowledge both language and life reading what all the members went through everything.

I like to read up till now I had only read whole novels/auto-biographies in my native English this will be a first in the foreign language department :)

Reading the whole book with all its complexities (if any) might also give me some perspective, what I am looking for ~

Bet you can sense my excitement in the new journey?

아자아자!! ^^ Good-night!!!

PS: I didn’t actually want to put highlighters or pencil/pen marks in this book because I didn’t want it spoiled with that but then how on earth am I going to learn from it? Will just buy another copy if the markings start to work on my nerves immensely xD but I highly doubt that will happen as I will probably write some stuff in my notebook or some new notebook if the disorganization works on my nerves too haha (: like things (no. just my Korean notes) in order!!


12 thoughts on “Highlighter drama!

  1. I already saw a few people studying with highlighter but for me it seems a bit distracting. Does it really help you learn new words and phrases? Can you recommend a strategy?

    I know how you feel, I always want my books to look exactly as they did when I first bought them :)

    1. Mmm I haven’t yet just something I thought of doing since there were 5 highlighters in my face :D I’m not sure if it helps me learn I have actually never really ‘highlighted’ sentences/phrases and other things :) I can’t just yet but, when I figure out something that works for me I will share it ^_^

      OMG! it’s like awful when all of a sudden you have markings in a book that was once super new/clean and the pages were crisp :D can’t stand it but trying to just > let go of it :)

  2. Wa~~ good luck, Kay! I also have that book (because I adore BB so much) but I haven’t really read it because I’m afraid that I wouldn’t understand much.. But like you said, while reading it I can learn more and even practice reading.. But as of now, I’m still not comfortable with my Korean so I’ll probably start reading after I finish my Korean Grammar in Use textbooks.

    But I wouldn’t want to write on/mark that precious book! :( Maybe sticky notes would do? Although it’s easier to learn if you mark it exactly in the book.. Well, maybe you’re right.. We can just buy another one.. But.. Ahh, 몰라! XD

    But anyway, thanks for sharing your enthusiasm! I suddenly feel much more motivated to learn now~~

    1. Thanks 케쓰 :D

      How long have you been learning Korean? 긍금해요!? I have read the first 17 pages and I didn’t need to look up one word which is great ^^ when you are comfortable read it okay!!!! :)

      Oh! I couldn’t mark the book I was about to yesterday night but then I just thought to myself “못해 ㅠ.ㅠ” and so I didn’t mark it I am just reading it and making notes in my actual Korean notebook for this book (its Blue!) still even if buying a new one is an option I don’t want to spoil it after reading all your comments!!!!!!!!!!

      Learn.Learn.Learn :D

  3. It would be better if you get the wax highlighters. MUJI sells them, that way it won’t bleed or ruin the back page of the stuff you’re highlighting. Anyway, I never put markings on my book though I had a book once which instructed me to use it as my personal space, I still didn’t.

    I just feel like opening a book is almost always a different experience from the time you last opened it, and putting markings would make the pages stagnant, not evolving. But please please read the book, I want to know how you feel bout it :) And good luck :)

    1. Wa~~~~~ Joseph I didn’t even know about MUJI but that store is 대박 ㅋㅋㅋ I am ordering from them ^^

      I know I never do either and I am not actually going to put highlighter or any kind of markings in my book it looks very very UGLY to be so nah! I’m not doing it. It changes the whole feel of the book like you said and when I am able to read it 100% super speed the marks would create a weird atmosphere. I am seriously reading this book no matter how hard I won’t give up ^^ every time I feel like it I will think “Being fluent in Korean” it will help me ~~~

      Thanks :)

      1. MUJI is a Japanese store, I’m just not sure if there’s a store near you, or if you could buy online from a local online store. The things they sell are highly minimalist and hyper-functional, The things I use for studying Korean can be found here: http://panggapseumnida.wordpress.com/2013/07/11/no-classes-%EC%88%98%EC%97%85-%EC%97%86%EB%8A%94-%EC%A3%BC/ (promoting my blog? lol).

        It’s good that you’ve started reading the book already. I am considering getting one for myself through Gmarket but I just received two books, so I don’t want to go shopping rapidly *pocket sobs*.

        그리고 잘 읽고 오늘도 좋은 하루 보내세요 ^^. I hope we get to study together.

        1. They have an online one :D and I love your pens actually going to buy the same ones ~ ^.^ Haha yeah its not easy but I am enjoying it having a hell of a time reading it!!

          I hope so too :) same to you 오빠 좋은 하루 보내세요 ~ ^^

  4. I’m that same way with books! XD I don’t wanna write in them so I end up re-writing things or just making vocab. entries. I haven’t tried highlighting and I don’t think I will since I feel it’ll be too distracting for when I try to read through it the next time. Maybe I’ll use pencil to underline so I can at least erase it later. Then again, I hate when I can’t erase pencil marks.

    I’m waiting for my next language study material haul (aka when money comes by orz) to get this book. In the meantime, I’ll pick up as much grammar and vocab as I can so I’m not looking up every other word. It kills me when I have to do that. It’s like, “Hey I know this wor- wait what’s that… and that… and that…” /asks Naver dic if they have room and board/ I remember when I did this for Spanish and wooooo it was a struggle, but at the end of the book I was so proud and satisfied. I can only imagine how I’ll feel after finishing a book in Japanese or Korean. :DDD

    1. It’s just so yucky to put marks in books :D I’m just glad lots of people feel the same way makes me feel less like an OCD patient hahaha!!!! Ummh. I don’t recommend pencil either I did that for 3 pages I had to rub it all out if was just “urgh” didn’t like it I think taking time to write it down is 100 times better than underlining and what-not!!!

      Me too. I have a list pinned to my Mum’s wall written “PAY ME SO I CAN BUY A SHIT LOAD OF BOOKS” with a list of 10+ books revolving around Korean and Chinese! Which I will get asap in mid-August (I hope ^^)

      I actually like looking up words its a lot of fun and I feel the learning process its very strange :D

      I can’t wait for that feeling when I finish this book I bet I will be extremely HYPER :D I get hyper like that ~~xD

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