This killing me….


Blogging from my phone while I try and kill a character in a game lol :)

playing RPG-Action games D:

There is more than one thin killing me hehe! First my sister has introduced me to an Action-RPG game called Torchlight which I have been playing non-stop ^^

Second. I have been going to sleep at bizzar hours and waking up at the crack of dawn and that has left me SLEEP DEPRIVED and a bit BITCHY lol mainly cos I am just tired….

Lastly. I’m worrying too much with eveything I need done, i wanna do all this stuff I need done but I just eh! don’t have energy hahahahaha!!!!

Reading the book Shouting Out to You in the World still :) its fun and cool hehehe ~

Going to play RPG games now lol but I really need to sleep too. Ah!

Bye! Ciao…


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