Sentence Ending + Grammar Patterns/Points

Yeah. They are different :D

Just figured this out a few hours ago when I was studying with an online resource (Intermediate) and I was looking at the transcript with the sentence endings and grammar points/patterns used and it occurred to me

“why are they saying grammar pattern and sentence ending? are they not the same things? like they are all at the end of a sentence. Right?”

Mmm. Well it seems not.

I know this is really!! really! irrelevant but hey its a journal/diary/blog of all the things I encounter and go through learning this exceptional and beautifully artistic language 한국어 so it actually belongs right here ~

Anyway. :)

They are really not the same because actually grammar points/patterns can be used in any part of the sentence unlike sentence endings which can only be used as sentence endings obviously as it says ‘sentence endings’ it should have been obvious to me but I guess I wasn’t really thinking about it logically just had the idea that ‘They are all the same things!!’ which is absolutely wrong ^^

Right. For example purposes lets look at the differences of the two. OK.

A sentence ending only used at a the END of a sentence lets use –나요 which is a pretty popular sentence ending in Korean and a few examples are

  • 내일 오시나요? Are you coming tomorrow?
  • 엄마! 살 수 있나요?  Mom! Can I buy this?

Short. Simple and self-explanatory examples of the fact that this is a sentence ending and only used at the END of sentences ^^ I’d make more but that would serve no purpose HAHA!

Now for the grammar, I have a lot of sentences in my head but thinking of choosing two. Hmm. This is a bot harder but here goes 4 examples of a grammar pattern

  • 제 눈에는 정용화 오빠 밖에 안 보여요. My eyes only see Jung Yong-hwa oppa.

OMG! After writing that example I suddenly don’t want to write anymore xD its a very pathetic sentence but I am a very dedicated fangirl hehehehe!!!!!!!!!

You get the point though. I sure as hell did not know that it made a difference whether you called it a sentence ending or a grammar pattern till today (: very strange but you learn something new every single day and this is basically what I learned today.

That’s it ^^ my two cents :D


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