It makes a difference!

I would say it was great it was the weekend but that would be a deceiving lie :)

It may be the weekend right now but I have actually been at home the whole week only left my house for a couple of hours ^^ and I didn’t study anything didn’t feel like it found so many other more deadening ways to spend my days ^^ like watching Season 2 & 3 of Nikita and not sleeping just going through episodes of the show HAHA ^^

Actually spending hours and hours of my day cooped up in my bedroom watching Nikita made me think of something, it makes a difference when you are watching something in your Native language you can go a bit more with your viewing ^^ just like what I was doing with Nikita. Was watching this TV series non-stop and when my eyes would hurt and it was nearer the end I could close then for a few seconds and still “understand” what was happening and enjoy it just as much…if not more.

BOTTOM LINE having watched Nikita the way I did (60 episodes @ 42 min each) continuously and then going on to watch BBC Lifestyle more made me think to myself “Why are you not tired of this yet?” which led to me believing its simply either 1) I’m too lazy to concentrate or 2) It my native language so obviously I’m fluent and being fluent and getting at every sarcastic comment, joke, or snide remark makes it that much more enjoyable to watch anything be it Nikita or something else. For me it was just this show that made me think about it.

Korean is a whole other story. I watch drama but I always try and rid myself of that “crutch” which is English subtitles which is always hard but getting a ton easier as time goes by :D


갈수록 한국어 더 쉬워요 ㅎㅎ

I am hoping that as time goes by like this I will have the same enjoyment I have when I watch other TV series when I watch k-dramas ^^

PS ~ omg! Nikita was renewed for a “shortened” season 4!! Does that mean cancelled unofficially? Is it the last season? I’m a bit upset now lol ^^ shall study 한국어 and watch a drama ^^




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