Booktobrain ;)

Everything is going from Book –>> to –>> Brain #studying

Done with #school early today! 12pm which is great more time to study hehehe ;) and believe me I am taking full advantage of that, granted though I have #schoolwork to do but that can be done later. Right now there is lots to be read!!!! ^^

#연세 한국어 4-1

B/W filter photo of notes/ and 연세 book ^^

I was reading the 연세 4-1 book and reading the transcript was a lot of fun :D learned one new grammar from it –던데 and from studying with  a song I happen to LOVE I studied another one –더라도 and both of these grammar patterns took me only a few minutes to learn ^^ practice with and understand the basic concepts and their usage and structure :D GREAT!!! ^^

The song was “사랑은 비를 타고” I love that song and more and more these days maybe its because of the way I am feeling :P although the song actually doesn’t correlate with how I feel still I am enjoying it at anytime. Loop constantly! ;)

외국생활이 – this was a word in the first sentence of the transcript in a chapter of this book (연세 4-1) I had no idea what it meant though so I had to look it up in my trusty Naver dictionary and when I looked up the whole word nothing came up so I just took the particle off and then it came up!! I always forget sometimes that Korean unlike English cannot just be looked up, there are stems and what-not D: so I finally got the meaning of that word as living overseas/living abroad then looking at the 한자 made me almost scream because it is so hard. I tried to write it down but that turned out very ugly. The Hanja is : 外國生活 

Hard. Hehehe :P I think you have to have some Asian language background to write in Chinese neatly?!

알맞은 쓰십시오 There is a section in the Yonsei book which I will tell more about when I actually review it! But its a “fill in the blank” with the correct vocabulary words and I actually quite like it very much. It engages my mind in a different way, honestly never done an exercise like that. Its very ‘cool’ in the sense of thinking, Korean Grammar In Use has a section for it but because certain parts of it were just easy-peasy I didn’t feel the challenge but this one is HARD and FUN all at the same time (: which I absolutely give five stars to ^^ its like a section in TOPIK test papers ~~ also a weak point of mine ㅠ.ㅠ

Too improve though. If I am weak at it then improvements are made FAST!

Two cents put in :D today I have a !@#$%^&* load to do #guilty but also I have the insatiable urge to study Korean, after hitting a few plateaus I have finally found my ground again (: which I am personally happy about. ^^ Hehe. This has been a little update on my day of study so far, I have learnt two grammar points and one odd word I didn’t know before ^^ done 3 excersises I found to be very engaging and fun also helpful for my weak points. Which are vocabulary :) Will continue to study because its still early now just after 2pm…. ^^

#colourphoto ;)

Color version :D #koreanbooks

Have a good day everyone ^^



5 thoughts on “Booktobrain ;)

    1. ㅎㅎ ^^ its a very bad habit :D wish my class was later then I wouldn’t have to do my school ~ you are so lucky ….but for me there is a long weekend Monday and Tuesday are both holidays I can’t wait xD~~

      Thanks ;) but I’m sure we have an equal love of Korean!!!

  1. School works are always behind of something.
    Btw, words are quite difficult in yonsei 4-1. 살다가 보니…wow.
    Well you can just say 살다 보니. :)
    Great work! 내일도 화이팅!

    알맞게 쓰싶시오-> 쓰십시오

    1. ㅎㅎㅎ 맞아요!! ;) they are.
      They are not difficult they are just new to me that’s all so when I see them I have “omg….what is this” moments but its fun either way ^^ still don’t know what 살다 보니 means lol will study tonight (after homework)

      고마워요 ^.^ 네! 화이팅 ㅎㅎㅎ

  2. I also still have problems looking for words in the dictionary. Especially for words that have -지 or -기 or that ends with a 받침 -ㄴ or -ㄹ. Because sometimes I thought the words were conjugated but the 이 or the 지 or the ㄴ or ㄹ was actually part of the stem. Same goes for irregular words that are conjugated in a sentence, sometimes it’s difficult to find out what the stem really is especially for someone like me who never liked memorizing the rules for irregular verbs/words. -.-

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