[Part Milestone] Unaided feeling…

#delayedpost ^^

I should have posted this on Friday when it happened ~ but I was #procrastinating again and just didn’t (>.<)

Anyway. On Friday morning I was super early for a class at 9am ; being so early I had a lot of energy ㅎㅎ and as I always try and carry a Korean book (textbook or a reading book) on Friday I had 세상에 너를 소리쳐! with me and NO dictionary for a few trouble words I may come across but I just thought “whatever” let me just read it and see how much I understand and then BANG! I read one line and thought ‘Mmm. Cool I understand’ then I read more before I knew it I had been reading for 5 minutes ; it was a whole page and I was totally unaided by a dictionary I knew all these words ; all this grammar xD~

I was so excited and happy I don’t know how I can express how happy I was I just felt like I was walking on a cloud because I was just so “happy” was smiling so much!!! ^^ Really!

I have read many times (most times) without any aid of a dictionary ; but it was how much I read that shocked me so much ^^ usually what I read are transcripts not a ‘Korean book’ in total Korean without a wordlist hehe so the feeling is really amazing I don’t know if I can ever stop now ^^ once you get the feeling of accomplishment in something you have always wanted you just keep going that’s how I am right now (:

정말 행복해 ^^ and this can only better by me finishing the book ~~ and thank you everyone for your support :) I appreciate it a lot!!! ^^


8 thoughts on “[Part Milestone] Unaided feeling…

  1. 촉하해요 Kay..Im happy you’ve reached this level already. Feeling sad for myself though,. I have not been moving on in my Korean recently. U inspired me anyway, will put my Korean study on schedule every spare time I have…

    1. 네! 고마워용 ㅎㅎ :) I’m so happy too. Don’t feel sad about it just keep studying with a happy heart and you will be there in no time. We all have moments when we either don’t want to study or a too busy so don’t let that discourage you :)

      Thank you for the comment :)

      화이팅!!! 아자아자

    1. Hehehe! ^^ It is really fulfilling gives me a new look on learning Korean instead of getting angry at myself when I can’t do something ~~~~ and of course you are going too with all those grammar books ㅎㅎㅎ

      thanks a lot 케쓰

      ps: noticed a while ago you changed from 케이 to 케쓰 cute lol ;)

      1. I wish I can study more with my books so I can learn better. :D

        Yes~~ I initially wanted to reveal only the first letter of my name (K), but decided to make it to the first syllable (Kess) instead.. It’s to avoid confusion since you’re also 케이. ^^

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