Psst…how old is oppa now?

It’s time for me to go a bit nuts for #GoodDoctor and I might have a thing for #TwoWeeks

Well a few days ago I told you guys I was watching 굿닥터 (Good Doctor) and I’m so excited about this drama….this hasn’t happened in a while actually!!!! ^^ Really. I never get excited about drama’s like this but this drama is just up my street of #awesomeness hehehe ^^ I was sceptical after that shameful disaster of a drama (7th Level Civil Servant) but obviously I just could not resist this and just went with it and watched episode one #sub-less mind you but I handled it just fine….or fine enough :)

Joowon has so far perfectly pulled of being an autistic young man. It’s so believable. I don’t know anyone who is autistic or anything like that but, the acting is flawless!!! ^^ or am I biased to him or something like that ~ hehe. I think I am but certain things I cannot lie about (: if this drama starts to suck by episode 5 I don’t think I will be able to continue but if I do continue out of some weird #fanloyalty then I guarantee you a few things :p

  • I am going to know a lot of Korean medical terms (medical vocabulary) already know about 7 medical terms in Korean I don’t think I would ever have cared to look up hehe.
  • I’m going to want to be a pediatrician about 10000000000 times more than I already want to be ^^ but plans change we see what happens in the future I’m still practically a kid :D
  • If I continue with this drama despite it turning to total crap then it can honestly be said that Joowon is my favourite Korean actor ㅎㅎcos I don’t put up with junk unless I am a fan of yours *cough*
  • I will incessantly rave about #GoodDoctor if I love it ^^ it would officially be the first drama of the year I have managed to watch till the end without dropping it 5 episodes in LOL
  • Also, this will officially be my first Korean medical drama EVER ~ never found them interesting they always looked #bland to me!!!!!

I hope the storyline/acting and directing continue like this ^^ I am loving it SO DAMN AWESOME!!!!! ^^

Praying this isn’t a flop right now ~ 제발?! ^^ so far I am not sure if Dramabeans will be recapping this drama I hope girlfriday will though :D

TWO WEEKS  I haven’t watched the drama yet but it looks so good (^_^) that I wanna watch it. Really. I have never believed in Lee Jun-Ki’s acting skills though but up till now the drama’s he was acting in were slightly different roles from this one, also I kinda like these “fugitive” styled dramas. So I feel I must give it a go, who knows I might end up liking it :p Read the recap that was cool. There was blood, blood and more blood on the ground which I know is going to sound morbid but it was very appealing haha! The blood did not make me sick just made me more interested in watching the drama. Also, the thought of liking the dirtbag (Lee Jun-Ki) in a drama seems very interesting, cute and like in the drama you have to choose the characters that you want to turn out alright.

Haven’t seen the show yet but I want the daughter he found out here had (wow! was that English?) to survive I don’t like people dying in drama’s more though a kid that will make me cry and cry I don’t wanna cry. I cry a lot too hehe, emotional drama watcher pfft. :D



8 thoughts on “Psst…how old is oppa now?

  1. I watched #TwoWeeks’s first Ep yesterday. This is my most anticipated drama for Lee Jun Ki is in it. 하지만 it was not that attracted as I expected. Lee Jun Ki was totally different :( I was amazed with his acting on 일지매 and 아랑 사또.. maybe I just miss him to be in historical drama again. But, will keep watching #TwoWeeks for Lee Jun Ki :D

    1. Wow. Really. I haven’t watched any Lee Jun-ki drama’s because I’m not really a big fan of his (^_^) my sister made me watch a few episodes of both 일지매 and 아랑 사또 didn’t enjoy them ㅠ.ㅠ if his style of acting is different it might make me watch it sooner. Its his old drams that give him a bad rep with me ㅠ.ㅠ

      I will try it very soon I hope :D

      1. Just finished ep2. Actually I can’t find downloads that are not in HD. And now know why it must be in HD! Love the cinematography!!!! The thing is my laptop can’t handle HD videos well so I have to minimize the video for it to play properly. Sad sad sad! :(
        I’m happy that I just watched season 1 so I don’t have to wait for years for season 2. But I’m afraid Season 3 (if any?) will take another couple of years. :(

        1. I just finished ep5 :) Really? If you search for Korean torrents then its simple because Koreans seem to like nothing less than HD ~ ha. That was my first though that the effects and cinematography were just awesome the medical stuff is really captured XD

          Aww, my old laptop was like that it drove me MAD!! ><

          ps: hope there is a season 2 that would be super :D

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