50,000 + views ~ Thank You

Evening everyone ~ yesterday morning I surpassed 50,000 views on this blog ^^ I’m so happy and grateful to everyone I have tricked into for visiting my blog :D its not much yet a few useful post and most of them are my on-and-on gibberish moments I often have it does though carry the journey I have taken since I opened this blog on the 29th of July 2012 every phases I have gone through every glimpse of worry I have shared any words I have learnt any grammar I found fascinating or amusing ^^

It has my life when I typed it out for the past year and more icon_smile

I don’t have many useful or informative posts on this blog do I? I have a few favorites though and some that might be useful to somebody hehe ^^ I will write more useful and detailed posts in the coming months right now I won’t lie I am a bit busy with #schoolwork and an #exam in November :D

Here are a few useful and interesting posts ~ you might find them interesting ^^

These are my posts that I find interesting :p

That’s it :D looking at my useful posts is a little sad :D so if any one of you have a topic you want me to write about go ahead and ask ^^ its good for me too because sometimes I just can’t think of what to look for maybe one of you might lead me to my favourite topic and I just don’t know about it yet ^^ either leave a comment or email me if you feel more comfortable at [seoulinkay@gmail.com] all feedback is greatly appreciated <3 and another big



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