Listening to Real-life conversations ~

Hey guys (: I don’t often hang around to ‘eavesdrop’ on conversations but today I was getting a smoothie at the Fruit & Veg shop and there was a Korean couple ~ must have been middle aged and they kept speaking in Korean it was so hard for me not just listen and see how much I understand ㅎㅎㅎwell I didn’t plan to listen to them really I was in the car and I was drinking my smoothie and the window was open and well ‘I can hear them’ :D

But anyway I understood a relatively decent amount its a bit rusty but I was still impressed I could even tell what the basis of their little ‘argument’ was hehe ^^ I had a tough spot though they kept using the structure –는데 in places I didn’t know it could be used which threw me off several times hehe ~ yeah I was listening to them talk a while!! ^^ almost 5 minutes of constant super speed Koreans lol ^^

Anyway, from this I gather that –는데 really is the most common sentence ending/ and structure used in everyday Korean language it was used over 30 times ; like I said in places that really made no sense to me 오마이갓 ~ but it was a lot of fun listening to them quarrel in a ‘married’ way like that ….like a radio comedy haha!! ^(^_^)^

Coming across Koreans here is rare so I relish in the ‘real-life’ listening practice ~ its so beautiful sounds more awesome in real life ha~ going to study some Korean now while writing notes since I actually have time to do all this YAY! not skim-studying which just pisses me off tbh. So on the agenda for the rest of the day (its past one now!) is :

  • Reading ~
  • Grammar study (aim 5 structures today)
  • Pronunciation practice
  • TOPIK Practice with past papers (30th TOPIK)

#ImOff hehe :p



8 thoughts on “Listening to Real-life conversations ~

  1. That’s nice! XD I’m actually the same when I ‘hear’ Koreans speaking. I ‘unconsciously listen’ to them and try to comprehend what they are talking about.. Sometimes, I get frustrated not catching some words but I’m actually thrilled and I feel good whenever I understand them. XD It’s true that hearing Korean personally sounds more awesome! … And it gives yet another reason to study/learn more Korean! :D

    1. Hehe ^(^_^)^ it is. I can’t help my overhear what they are saying its already in my head when I hear Korean to auto-focus on it :D #excuse It sometimes is a bit frustrating when you don’t understand but for me when that happens I just think ‘I at least understood something…these are native I can’t have it all just yet’ It does haha ^(^_^)^ dramas and music don’t give the language justice its just not the same as it is in front of you ~ :)

  2. it’s my favorite hobby! i know it can be rude but i can’t help it. :) in all honesty i have no intention of ‘really’ eavesdropping. I just want to test my korean comprehension. ;-)
    and i agree with ending -는데. i kinda picked it up when I was in Korea (and from dramas too) since you can really hear it often.

    1. haha its now turned into mine :) I’m stalking random Koreans in the Fruit and Veg shop just cos I know that they will be there :D ~ it feels weird but I am getting to like it ㅎㅎ I didn’t mean to eavesdrop either it just happened and its now a ‘thing’ for me lol xD Its a good idea for testing comprehension but they talk really fast actually ^_^ didn’t realize that till I heard it (:

      I need to work on that -는데 I don’t watch a lot of dramas to pick anything up ;-) I’m always out of time but I want to watch more just because they are fun ㅎㅎ just not many good ones out there these days (IMHO!)

  3. My school has a ton of international students, so I run in to the same dilema sometimes. Except I’m at a beginner level, so most of the time I can only understand a tiny bit of what they’re saying =p

    1. Wow (^_^) you are so lucky ~!! I wish I had that all we have here is a ton of Chinese people (I mean no offense just its not useful to me :D) You are so gonna appreciate the live and ‘free’ comprehension practice you have at your school :D carry a notebook lol xD

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