Final day …for real!

#impromptupost also not very #relevant ^(^_^)^

On Wednesday I was so happy because I thought that on Thursday was the last day of my lessons and that I would be free the whole of Friday to do whatever ‘I want to do’ yeah those dreams were cut short with this sentence at the end of my lesson yesterday! Okay. So see you guys tomorrow. I was like WHATTTTTTTT!!!!? there is class tomorrow? you have got to be kidding me :|

Was I going to get up at 6am today? – No, I was going to stay in bed with a Korean book with the TV blaring in the background having a good time now I can’t though ><

Plans for leaving the your house to get anything important? – No, the only important thing was the SCHOOL which I thought was over for another week! Now though it seems I am up at 7am and going to my lesson D:

Are you kinda irritated by having to go to school when you thought it was a holiday? – Yes. A lot actually. I know its for my own good it is exam preparations and all but its Friday what could you possibly need to tell me? Hmm. I don’t even know why I’m going. No. I do know why I’m going because my Mum told me to :D

My feeling about the day.

I will need a LARGE 500ml smoothie today to help calm me down :D

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