[Korean Sentence] 너 살아있었구나 {I forgot you even exsisted}

[written 31.8.2013]

I came to this sentence a few minutes ago when I suddenly thought of someone that I haven’t thought of in a long time -_-  a few days ago I said my former friend was like a dog that had to be ‘put down’ well it is that same former friend that I simply forgot about it ^^ so then I just thought to myself in 반말 (informal language) 너 살아있었구나 which is roughly translated to {you are still alive/ or I forgot you even existed} and in all fairness I actually did :p and I really don’t care that I did.

I am proud of myself for it. Anyway the sentence is a cute one I like it very much ^^ is does come off rude though but then if you are going to say something like that about ~ or to someone are you really trying to be polite? I highly doubt it.

Lately I have started  to get rude -_- actually no I think I have always been like this I just am now quick to share my thoughts on how I feel about someone XD

Next time you either see someone you don’t remember (or don’t want to remember) you can say this to yourself :D

Interesting and I am glad to know this sentence actually ^(^.^)^

6 thoughts on “[Korean Sentence] 너 살아있었구나 {I forgot you even exsisted}

  1. Can there be a sweeter version of this, hahaha? By accident, I also saw two friends I haven’t met for a very long time, earlier, and since I randomly think in Korean, I only thought of “워!!!” when I saw them, HAHAHAHA. My very stupid mind.

    1. Mmm! I don’t think so XD its is kinda meant to be rude, even with the tone of it all haha! I also randomly think in Korean I think its just a ‘natural’ thing for people when you absorb so much of the language, or am I too stupid to cut it off and think in English? LOL ‘워’ is what we say :D

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