KOREANNOTEBOOK has moved! ^.^

As I said I would in a previous post ^^ I have gone self-hosted and now have 100% control and have been tinkering with everything for about an hour now :D its really much better (the price though is hefty!) but its not bad worth the sacrifice I think ~

So I the blog is now at



all the comments and posts and everything else is all there ; I transferred it all and its was very simple :D

I don’t know if I should leave this blog open or not! I will decide on that maybe in six (6) months when everyone of  you readers is aware of the new address then I will make it private. Or I might just leave it here! I’m not sure.

But please re-direct all old links to the new link I have given above koreannotebook.com ;) I’m waiting for you all there okay!

Thank you! Please visit the new blog and tell me what you think xD

I am personally so excited ^.^ its a little messy with the changing of themes but it looks so DAMN AWESOME <3

Happy.Happy.Happy.Happy.Happy.Happy. :D

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