Japanese Drama

I’ve been trying my hardest to learn Japanese (well not the whole thing but some basics) and I realised that I have only watched one Japanese drama in my life 1 Litre of Tears which was a very very inspirational story (:


Honestly! My Japanese drama knowledge is pretty much non-existent so I really don’t know what to even begin to watch : I know “my style” when it comes to picked a drama, but knowing the names of drama’s and actors and picking accordingly I sadly have no clue on the ):

So I am hoping that anyone of you can help me out by telling me a few drama’s that fit the drama’s I have watched and enjoyed (:

Personal Taste ; City Hunter ; Miss Ripley ; Scent of a Woman ; and my lovely drama that started my K-Drama craze Sad Sonata (:

Right now I am trying a Japanese drama called :

Rich Man, Poor Woman  – リッチマン、プアウーマン


Which to me, after reading the synopsis sounds like a pretty interesting drama! I just saw the first five minutes and it looks really good and will dedicate some drama time for it later on tomorrow (:

It seems like its “my style” of a drama so #fingerscrossed I will enjoy it (:


Korean Reading Practice!

Yo! Remind me never to change ISP’s!! Its a nightmare…!! So in the last few days I have been like recording my voice reading just any random Korean I come across (tried singing…didn’t really work so well…it was very bad!!) so here I just have some reading practice :) From Intermediate (that’s what it said) and really Beginner :) and yay!! I tried some Japanese reading …ummh…what can I say my Japanese is unique lol :)


~There it is :) all my reading!!

Japanese! Self-study How To!

Since a few weeks ago when I decided I wanted to self-study Japanese alongside Korean I have had to look for some websites for resources online ^^

I was not that successful in  my search all I got was a flashcards site here and I got a recommendation for another two sites that are now almost like my new home ^^

Erin’s Challenge and

NHK Japanese Lessons ^^

Both of those sites I know I would not have found them if I had not been directed to them ^^ I looked through Google search and came up with JapanesePod101 and Flashcards



こにちわ (:

I want to self study Japanese and I will be using Japanese Pod 101, I don’t know many Japanese learning sites so I would really like it if someone shared a few links if they know of them :)

ありがとう ( I don’t know if that is right or not :) correct me if I’m wrong)


좋은 하루 보내세요 :)