[Korean Sentence] 너 살아있었구나 {I forgot you even exsisted}

[written 31.8.2013]

I came to this sentence a few minutes ago when I suddenly thought of someone that I haven’t thought of in a long time -_-  a few days ago I said my former friend was like a dog that had to be ‘put down’ well it is that same former friend that I simply forgot about it ^^ so then I just thought to myself in 반말 (informal language) 너 살아있었구나 which is roughly translated to {you are still alive/ or I forgot you even existed} and in all fairness I actually did :p and I really don’t care that I did.

I am proud of myself for it. Anyway the sentence is a cute one I like it very much ^^ is does come off rude though but then if you are going to say something like that about ~ or to someone are you really trying to be polite? I highly doubt it.

Lately I have started  to get rude -_- actually no I think I have always been like this I just am now quick to share my thoughts on how I feel about someone XD

Next time you either see someone you don’t remember (or don’t want to remember) you can say this to yourself :D

Interesting and I am glad to know this sentence actually ^(^.^)^


The meaning of ~ 달콤하다

Does that post title make you wonder about the nature of this post? ^^ it’s about my new word I learnt on Saturday and why I like it so much ㅎㅎ

On Saturday I was looking at an old App I had on my iPad about Korean sounds and stuff like that ^^ then I came to the sound for 다 and  the example was 달콤달콤 아이스크림 and I had no clue what this “double” 달콤달콤 was!! Really ^^ so I looked it up and found it means “sweet ; saccharine flavored ; honeyed” plus more but you get the picture that it means “sweet”  :)

So the sentence was basically “Sweet ice-cream”  ㅎㅎknew the ice-cream bit just not the “sweet” bit ^^

Its a cute word and slowly I am using it very often the other day I had something sweet (a smoothie) I said 달콤달콤 in a very unnatural way though hehehe!!! >< but I know what it means so pronunciation and intonation will get better with time :D ~~

….But 달콤 can also be used to describe different things being sweet ^^ such as “love” I personally don’t know a sweet love beyond my cat Midnight…which sounds very creepy I bet, but still its a 달콤한 사랑 to me hehe ^^ and it also another thing l like about this word it can be used to describe many things as sweet its not limited to food…that would be boring don’t you thing :D

Right now I am eating my 달콤한 초쿨릿 and it is very sweet probably going to make me a little sick ㅠ.ㅠ don’t care it tastes good when I eat it ㅎㅎㅎ

Have a good day ^^

너 뭐야?

I’m just watching 넌내반 (넌 내게 반했어) I shortened it so when I have to refer to it again (maybe in the future!) ㅎㅎ

But anyway sitting in bed doing just NOTHING ; Midnight (my drop dead adorkable cat ~!) is literally sitting on my legs so I can’t move haha! therefore I am watching my memorable parts of 넌 내게 반했어 which were very few I think I just love a certain someone so much I kept going even though the plot is nothing but boring. frustrating. nonsensical. idiotic. childish. mindless. waste of time and energy. waste of broadcast space. waste of 오빠’s talent …..etc.!

Ignore that last one :D

While watching certain sections of this drama I noticed how much this expression/insult was used 넌 뭐야?! and in most, if not all situations it was said with a tone of “wtf..who do you think you are” or something like “what is wrong with you?” something like that also it was coupled with expressions on their faces to match ^^


넌 뭐야?
넌 뭐야?

Here Yonghwa or 이신 (Lee-shin) says to Park Shin-hye “뭐야 넌?” when she try’s to give him the gift-basket thingy after some chick who is obviously now his ex-girlfriend smacked him earlier >.< he doesn’t tell this girl to take it, but after she (the girl!) leaves he gets up and walks off. Shin-hye then picks this basket up to give it to him (maybe thinking he forgot. maybe not.) but is shot down and told to have them, then her snap back is to tell him that they are given to him and he should accept it. He turns around with the look about and says to her “뭐야 넌?” guessing from his tone (intonation) he was being very silly about the situation.

He won’t accept. What is her case forcing him to accept something. Who is she? more specifically What is she? (뭐야 넌?)

Meaning In all the situations I watched in this drama. I haven’t seen any other ones but I am sure they are loads will have to look more :D but here it was always used with the meaning ~

1. what gives you the right to do this?

2. You sure have some guts doing this!

3. Where do you get off? acting like you know me…

To me this is what it seems to mean! I have yet to see a situation where it is used in a positive way. But surely it can be in situations when someone is doing something that is deemed “odd” or “strange” you could say something like this 뭐야 넌? with a more playful tone to it ^^

Although it seems like the fact that this is said 99.9% of the time using 반말 the intention is to be RUDE. I suppose so.

Which therefore contradicts the idea that it can be used when you are joking around with a friend or family. They might take it the wrong way D: safer in my opinion if someone might take it the wrong way. Out of context. To just never use something ^^ up to you though not explaining what you should and shouldn’t do just making my observations ~!!

Ah! This wasn’t supposed to be a long post haha. Anyway feel free to leave lots of comments about any other words/ and or phrases you have heard in dramas :) or anything fun you have heard ~

I probably won’t be able to sleep for a while. Again but goodnight :D its 11:10pm so I should sleep…but…eh! I just am not tired lol ~!!

If I fail at that I will just read something :D

Korean words I accidentally use when talking to friends

hanmisoo’s post about Korean words used accidentally with friends ^^ was cute so here is my list :)

I am constantly using Korean words/phrases with friends and family ^^ and slowly they have begun to understand my words even people who don’t live with me (home!) ask me “what does that word mean?” because I say them so much its noticeable even in a short period of time :D

Which is cute makes me a bit different from others who just say “shit” at everything I replaced some  of my “shit” moments with “아! 진짜” moments

Recorded the words below ^^

Here is my list:

아! 진짜





난 괜찮아!

하지마라 ~ (notice how I usually pronounce this word with the end -마라 because it sounds much better with my voice its 사투리 I think!!)

그만해 (when  people tease me! I like to tell them to stop or just get lost ^^ haha I’m actually kinda violent sometimes)

이게 뭐에요? (but then if I’m being anti-social I will whisper to myself 이게 뭐죠?)




어디 가?



Those are the ones I use almost daily ^^ non-stop!!! This was fun! What’s on your list?

NAVER Webtoon Novels

Probably nothing new at all but lately I have been trying to read more often and sometimes reading and translating articles is actually sometimes boring for me ^^ so I like more of a story, something I can follow, and then now happy me :) has these lovely NAVER Webtoon Novels


So far as I can see there is actually a lot of Novels to choose from ; a whole range of genres to choose from although the range is not as wide as the Webtoon section but it’s still good ^^

I have already chosen two Webtoon Novels to read (: have no idea how good they are but I hope I like the stories, I did try and choose novels that had not gone too far (early on in the series) so I can either catch up or just follow along weekly for the rest of the series!!

My choices (so far) are :

  • 복수의 탄생
  • 헬로우 웨딩

[Horror and Mystery] Just two for now (: okay 복수의 탄생 I think based on my translation (please don’t take it as accurate) is “Birth of Revenge” and at the moment there is only one novel of the series posted and I assume (based on little reading) that the next instalment of the novel is released next week Monday and by next week Monday I will be all done reading this one!!! I hope :D

birth of revenge

So I will be reading that novel series today ^^

[Romance] My second choice is 헬로우 웨딩 and thankfully the title is actually really simple ^^ “Hello Wedding”  I think its correct, but on this one there are a little more instalments of the novel series…so more reading for me to catch up ..all 23 of them (: will have to read a bit faster (with notes obviously)

hello wedding

I have already added them to my favourites in NAVER so I never miss an episode, wouldn’t want that to happen ㅎㅎㅎ


I really love the promotional photo for “Birth of Revenge” reminds me so much of 각시탈 ^^


Are you reading any Novels? Which ones?

Leave your opinions ^^

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