Chinese Character Practice – 你好!

Today I printed about 5 copies of Chinese character practice sheets focusing on 6 Chinese words, because now I kind of understand the Pinyin way better than I ever did and I don’t get that confused (just a little sometimes, I admit that!!!!)

Words in Focus






Those 5 words and 1 name I actually wrote all from my head, had some trouble with 名字 I wrote ‘孟子’ got a bit mixed up with the Pinyin ‘meng’ and ‘ming’ (:

Below for practice, I wrote these words and characters a few times in my NEW language notebook just for my Chinese (:

I know my writing is extremely untidy, big, and just very messy!!!! But its the first time I ever written in real Chinese characters so, I guess it was alright!!

may 26 060

Every time (in the future) when I post a picture of the Green notebook think ‘Chinese time!!’ because its my Chinese notebook ^^ the first one, so I will call this notebook my ‘Firstborn’ ㅋㅋㅋ

In the corner can you see I wrote ‘Hello I’m Kay’ in Chinese characters :

你好 我叫 Kay!

#Practice Sheets

may 26 061

and another :)

may 26 062

I want to keep my Chinese learning journey highly documented to the tee so I can look back on it one day!!!

再见!! (See you again!!)