(study tool) Memrise

Ooh! I love new sites and learning from them it’s just so much fun xD

Today I spent most of my day learning Korean vocabulary with Memrise recommended to me by Oegukeen this morning and all I did was study on it, filled 12 pages I think with words and sample sentences and Hanja!

So Memrise is like Anki only you do nothing :) you just sign-up (me) and then choose a Korean course (here) and then now this is where I find it cute like I found LingQ cute is the way its done, you click on your course and then you get this system where you have seeds and then you study your ready to be planted seeds; by studying them with definition reviews and audio with “Mems” which are hints, and you can also create your own to make is easier to remember the word or phrase.

Then, once you have studied your words/phrases (ready to plant seeds) your seeds then become (harvested) and then they have a countdown on when they will be harvested which is fun watching the timer (yes! I did that in between writing some Lang-8 entries and writing and looking up Hanja) and looking for apps to learn Hanja and test myself :)

Then after that I had to type in the Korean word from the English definition hint and then gather more points (which are fun!) and most of the time I got them correct (some mistakes are expected xD)

Then now my seeds (words) are waiting to be watered and while they do that I continuously review them and learn and learn xD

It’s a lot of fun check it out :)

Now I go and try my translating skills xD

Have a good weekend!

Current score ^_^ Screenshot_7


What I did yesterday!!

HAHA!! Lol what I’m going to say is going to sound really dumb but I really thought today was the 3rd of October then I looked at my phone and I was like OMG! its actually the 4th I missed a whole day? How is that possible? Well not really possible just it seems I lost track of 24hrs LOL =) too long!

Well anyway what did I to yesterday? Well I was not really in the mood to study so I did lazy study…I watched Faith Ep 13,14,15, and 16! So that was my fake like study HAHA! and Episode 23 and 24 of Ojakgyo Brothers with my sister since my sister is seriously obsessed with After School’s Uee. But honestly I have only watched 2 Episodes of Ojakgyo but its really very nice, I want to watch it again with her if I have time or rather if she has the time to watch it with me so I can ask questions the whole time like ‘Who is she’ and ‘Why is he doing that’ LOL!! Drives her insane to the point of screaming shut up lol but I’m her 언니 so you think she would be a little less rude lol! Just kidding :)) !!

For the drama ‘Faith’ well I don’t think I should watch it weekly lol its too much for me I always want to know what happens next and…no I can’t watch it!

Korean study well I read 3 만화 on Naver and I actually honestly only landed up reading the comments on them HAHA!! Well I will be doing better with my study because I have given myself a new goal! I would like to take the TOPIK Beginner sometime next year if it would be possible so I will be working very hard to achieve that goal :))

And I am currently working on my grammar instead of vocabulary!! I put a list of all the verb endings in my Anki here [click here] Grammar Lexicon =)

GD Smurf LG CF (Korean Vitamin Fail Attempt)

I was originally trying to do what Korean Vitamin does with the translation of CF’s as a study tool …but….I fell flat on my ass with that one ^^ so I just started watching the Smurf CF like crazy….I know what is that watching a 40sec  my bad it’s actually 16sec…(that’s even worse ㅋㅋㅋ) CF over and over!! Its weird ….but its just too flippin cute ^^

So here it is ^^

Oh and if anyone can tell me what he said I would be so happy!! The speech was too fast I didn’t get all the words!!

#1 First Audio Reading Practice

So today I feel really sick :( I have a really really bad flu, headache and the whole package :( so I didn’t  have enough energy to really study anything new in Korean so I just practiced reading Talk To Me In Koreans 100% Dialogue for Level 1 and I recorded it so any mistakes I make please point it out to me so that I can improve :)

다음 봐요!!