SEUNGRI – 할말있어요 (GOTTA TALK TO U) + Korean lyrics

I only  heard this song yesterday just before school because I didn’t have time to hear it when it was released ……..but now I have heard it and its so #addictive

OMG ^^ did Seungri get hotter???

He looks so DAMN AWESOME ♥♥♥ I’m not kidding :)

I originally thought that when I saw that there was N EXPLICIT R-Rated teaser that it was going to be 100000000 times more crazy than Strong Baby was but its actually very tame to be honest ㅎㅎㅎ I’m shocked at that!!! Really ^^

I heard the song without any translation…or the lyrics in front of me cos I was in a hurry but I understood 70% which was nice to know I’m getting there :)

The lyrics are below the cut ^^ I will write them in my notebook and slowly translate them only the few words will give me a problem but other than that I know it ~ I will time  myself too hehehe ^^

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Today I’m looking at reading practice and extending my vocabulary and there is no better way to do it than look for articles that I wanna read about :D

I looked for CNBLUE articles and found this interview (from what I see) it’s all the members talking about each song on the Re:BLUE album hehe how awesome. I got it Olleh music site ^^ I might post the translation I do. Or I might not. Chances of it being readable are unlikely, my translations would probably butcher the whole meaning of the interview/article xD ㅎㅎㅎ

ㅎㅎ #anotherphoto because they all look so handsome 섹시하네요 ♥♥♥


CNBLUE 4th mini Album [Re:BLUE]

씨엔블루가 10개월 만에 국내 발표하는 4번째 미니 앨범 [Re:BLUE]는 6곡 전곡 씨엔블루 자작곡으로 
타이틀곡 ‘I’m sorry’를 비롯, ‘Coffee shop’, ‘나란 남자’, ‘라라라’, ‘Where you are’은 정용화 자작곡이며 
‘나 그대보다’는 이종현이 작곡했다. 특히 타이틀곡 ‘I’m sorry’는 세련되고 강렬한 모던 락 장르의 곡으로 
씨엔블루의 색깔이 잘 드러나 
있다. 씨엔블루가 심혈을 기울인 이번 음반에는 모던 락 외에도 팝 락, 디스코 락 등이 다양하게 
수록되어 있다.

 Track.1 I’m sorry
 정용화 : 부담이 되었던 곡이다. 지금까지 해오던 스타일과 달라서 팬들이 좋아하실지 걱정하며 작업했던 곡이다. 
팝적인 요소를 많이 넣으려고 노력했다. 정말 신경을 많이 썼다.
 이종현 : 이건 비밀이지만 가사가 붙기 전 가이드일 때 sorry 부분이 종현이였다. 
I’m 종현~ I’m 종현~
강민혁 : 노래가 정말 마음에 들어서 어떻게 녹음을 할까 고민을 정말 많이 했다. 
욕심이 컸던 만큼 아쉬움도 크지만 노래와 잘 어울리는 것 같아 다행이다. 
녹음뿐만 아니라 자켓 뮤비 앨범제작 등 많은 부분에 참여 하면서 애착이 많이 
가는 앨범이다.
 이정신 : 우선 많은 다듬질을 하며 작업한 곡이다. 기존의 씨엔블루 타이틀 
곡들과는 다른 느낌이고, 
무엇보다 용화형의 곡이 타이틀곡으로 정해져서 기분이 매우 좋다. 매우!

Track.2 Coffee Shop
 정용화 : 커피숍에서 느낀 생각을 곡을 쓰기 시작했고, 그래서 굉장히 빨리 써진 곡이다. 
처음에 곡을 썼을 때 멤버들이 듣고 굉장히 좋아해서 기뻤던 기억이 난다.
 이종현 : 개인적으로 이번 앨범중 가장 좋아하는 곡이다. 기타리프가 돋보이며 공연이 즐거울 것 같은 곡이다.
 강민혁 : 처음 용화 형의 가이드 버전을 듣자마자 ‘이건 대박이다’ 싶었다. 계속 귀와 입에 맴돌았다. 
여러 진행상황이 궁금한 곡이기도 했다. ‘I’m sorry’ 만큼 이 노래도 정말 많은 사람들이 들어줬으면 하는 
특히 라이브에서 여러 가지를 보여줄 수 있는 재미있는 곡이다.
 이정신 : 커피숍은 리듬이 돋보이는 곡이고 기타리프가 인상적이다. 라이브가 기대되는 곡! 가사도 
귀에 잘 들어오고 신나는 곡이다

Psst…how old is oppa now?

It’s time for me to go a bit nuts for #GoodDoctor and I might have a thing for #TwoWeeks

Well a few days ago I told you guys I was watching 굿닥터 (Good Doctor) and I’m so excited about this drama….this hasn’t happened in a while actually!!!! ^^ Really. I never get excited about drama’s like this but this drama is just up my street of #awesomeness hehehe ^^ I was sceptical after that shameful disaster of a drama (7th Level Civil Servant) but obviously I just could not resist this and just went with it and watched episode one #sub-less mind you but I handled it just fine….or fine enough :)

Joowon has so far perfectly pulled of being an autistic young man. It’s so believable. I don’t know anyone who is autistic or anything like that but, the acting is flawless!!! ^^ or am I biased to him or something like that ~ hehe. I think I am but certain things I cannot lie about (: if this drama starts to suck by episode 5 I don’t think I will be able to continue but if I do continue out of some weird #fanloyalty then I guarantee you a few things :p

  • I am going to know a lot of Korean medical terms (medical vocabulary) already know about 7 medical terms in Korean I don’t think I would ever have cared to look up hehe.
  • I’m going to want to be a pediatrician about 10000000000 times more than I already want to be ^^ but plans change we see what happens in the future I’m still practically a kid :D
  • If I continue with this drama despite it turning to total crap then it can honestly be said that Joowon is my favourite Korean actor ㅎㅎcos I don’t put up with junk unless I am a fan of yours *cough*
  • I will incessantly rave about #GoodDoctor if I love it ^^ it would officially be the first drama of the year I have managed to watch till the end without dropping it 5 episodes in LOL
  • Also, this will officially be my first Korean medical drama EVER ~ never found them interesting they always looked #bland to me!!!!!

I hope the storyline/acting and directing continue like this ^^ I am loving it SO DAMN AWESOME!!!!! ^^

Praying this isn’t a flop right now ~ 제발?! ^^ so far I am not sure if Dramabeans will be recapping this drama I hope girlfriday will though :D

TWO WEEKS  I haven’t watched the drama yet but it looks so good (^_^) that I wanna watch it. Really. I have never believed in Lee Jun-Ki’s acting skills though but up till now the drama’s he was acting in were slightly different roles from this one, also I kinda like these “fugitive” styled dramas. So I feel I must give it a go, who knows I might end up liking it :p Read the recap that was cool. There was blood, blood and more blood on the ground which I know is going to sound morbid but it was very appealing haha! The blood did not make me sick just made me more interested in watching the drama. Also, the thought of liking the dirtbag (Lee Jun-Ki) in a drama seems very interesting, cute and like in the drama you have to choose the characters that you want to turn out alright.

Haven’t seen the show yet but I want the daughter he found out here had (wow! was that English?) to survive I don’t like people dying in drama’s more though a kid that will make me cry and cry I don’t wanna cry. I cry a lot too hehe, emotional drama watcher pfft. :D


너 뭐야?

I’m just watching 넌내반 (넌 내게 반했어) I shortened it so when I have to refer to it again (maybe in the future!) ㅎㅎ

But anyway sitting in bed doing just NOTHING ; Midnight (my drop dead adorkable cat ~!) is literally sitting on my legs so I can’t move haha! therefore I am watching my memorable parts of 넌 내게 반했어 which were very few I think I just love a certain someone so much I kept going even though the plot is nothing but boring. frustrating. nonsensical. idiotic. childish. mindless. waste of time and energy. waste of broadcast space. waste of 오빠’s talent …..etc.!

Ignore that last one :D

While watching certain sections of this drama I noticed how much this expression/insult was used 넌 뭐야?! and in most, if not all situations it was said with a tone of “wtf..who do you think you are” or something like “what is wrong with you?” something like that also it was coupled with expressions on their faces to match ^^


넌 뭐야?
넌 뭐야?

Here Yonghwa or 이신 (Lee-shin) says to Park Shin-hye “뭐야 넌?” when she try’s to give him the gift-basket thingy after some chick who is obviously now his ex-girlfriend smacked him earlier >.< he doesn’t tell this girl to take it, but after she (the girl!) leaves he gets up and walks off. Shin-hye then picks this basket up to give it to him (maybe thinking he forgot. maybe not.) but is shot down and told to have them, then her snap back is to tell him that they are given to him and he should accept it. He turns around with the look about and says to her “뭐야 넌?” guessing from his tone (intonation) he was being very silly about the situation.

He won’t accept. What is her case forcing him to accept something. Who is she? more specifically What is she? (뭐야 넌?)

Meaning In all the situations I watched in this drama. I haven’t seen any other ones but I am sure they are loads will have to look more :D but here it was always used with the meaning ~

1. what gives you the right to do this?

2. You sure have some guts doing this!

3. Where do you get off? acting like you know me…

To me this is what it seems to mean! I have yet to see a situation where it is used in a positive way. But surely it can be in situations when someone is doing something that is deemed “odd” or “strange” you could say something like this 뭐야 넌? with a more playful tone to it ^^

Although it seems like the fact that this is said 99.9% of the time using 반말 the intention is to be RUDE. I suppose so.

Which therefore contradicts the idea that it can be used when you are joking around with a friend or family. They might take it the wrong way D: safer in my opinion if someone might take it the wrong way. Out of context. To just never use something ^^ up to you though not explaining what you should and shouldn’t do just making my observations ~!!

Ah! This wasn’t supposed to be a long post haha. Anyway feel free to leave lots of comments about any other words/ and or phrases you have heard in dramas :) or anything fun you have heard ~

I probably won’t be able to sleep for a while. Again but goodnight :D its 11:10pm so I should sleep…but…eh! I just am not tired lol ~!!

If I fail at that I will just read something :D

Boring drama talk!

Hey guys ^^

Yesterday I started watching two dramas that have been on my “Watch List” since their original air dates :D but lack of energy and time means I haven’t even got very far on both of them.

Two drama’s are 응답하라1997 (Reply 1997) and 내 연애의 모든 것 (All about My Romance) which means that one show I have been putting off for almost a year and the other almost a few months ^^;; bad me hey!

My reasons for watching the two dramas are “actor” orientated meaning because I am a fan of the actors/ or singers/ or whatever they are just I am a fan of them I wanted to watch the dramas and usually that results in me taking about a billion years to watch the dramas because I don’t even know that plots of them, xD

응답하라1997 I like Seo Inguk and Hoya so I wanted to watch it :D only now have I even read the plot of the drama and it seems very funny, interesting and cute but also I have something to say about that drama ; !@#$%^&* 부산 사투리 is difficult ㅠ.ㅠ I watched episode 1 yesterday and I was confused as hell ^^ I usually am when I watch a drama with no subs but still I get the point of what they are saying in Reply 1997 I got nothing so I will be going into 사투리 as much as I can, when I can simply because although its seems hard and confusing it seems like more fun too :D but that all belongs in another post :)

All about My Romance I just like Lee Min-jung she is pretty :D and talented in a way too ~ although I commonly refer to her as JK girl (comes from in Boys Over Flowers her parents where like super rich and it was JK Group that they owned, lol) this drama though I knew the plot of and can watch it with minimal confusion because its standard Korean :D and I enjoy it watched episode 2 and 3 yesterday night it was so funny everything makes me laugh they are supposed to be politicians but they are acting like 2 year old’s which is fun but I don’t think it has the usual K-drama feel to it which I actually LIKE :)

Plus. There is along list of dramas that I just didn’t get round to finishing just read the recaps which was fun but even that bored me to death with half of them :D

In all honesty the last drama I watched to the END was 각시탈 (Bridal Mask) last year ^^ which is a long long time ago to be honest!!! But I wanna watch something and I have these two which I will watch slowly today ^^

Everyone have a good Sunday :p