Much Ado About Nothing

Hii ;)

I’m so happy that I am completely recovered from my flu from yesterday!! I don’t have to miss any classes :D which is GREAT. Didn’t really do much language study today more getting other things done but right now I am working on creating a language learning method for myself, or anyone who cares to use it :)

Language Method?

Yeah. I need one and I need one that fits me not some polyglot learner who can speak 20 languages. Simple methods do the trick for me (: I’m not insulting all the other language learning methods out there but its one of those things that needs to be more personalised because most methods are focused on goals in language learning and that is too rigid for my liking I want my method to be more curious and adventurous not stuck up!!!

Basically reflecting my personal style in doing everything :)

All I have time for now :) while I think more :D



[App] kakaoStory

kakaoStory that little menace that now has me posting every single picture I take ~ because its my story :) and I am enjoying using my kakaoStory more than when I speak to my best friend …that’s wrong isn’t it?

This is far from new news but still I’ll tell you about it ~ kakaoStory is connected to your KakaoTalk app it updates all your friends with your mini-profile when they click for a chat with you :) it pops up as a Mini kaStory profile.

kakaoStory ~

iPad 032

Then you have your kakaoStory feed with all the stories of your friends and your stories too which is pretty cool, kind of like Facebook but only cooler for everyone mostly Korean learners and me haha ~

iPad 031 003

So everyone’s story is in one feed for you to catch-up on awesome, right?

And then all the tab’s at the bottom for your ~ Friends, Settings, Feed, MyStory and so forth :) so much fun I love kakaoStory and KakaoTalk.


Made that in Naver LINE Card its adorable isn’t it?

[iPad Apps] Naver Webtoon

Well as I’m sure some of you know I am crazy about my new iPad seriously it never leaves my sight its always either in my bag or in my hands I’m like an iPad saseang fan (: but that being said I have been making use of it for Korean learning on the go (or under my desk in school whatever you prefer to use) and I am always looking for Apps that can help me or are just really really fun to have and play around with that’s how I found the Secret Garden comics that have now taken over my life and are AWESOME (: but today being a Saturday and me wanting to just catch up on my Naver comics I looked it up on the App Store and BAM! there it is there is an App for webtoon now I don’t even have to leave my bed to read webtoon during the weekend HAHA! How cool is that (: Its very very cool trust me (:

Later y’all I’m going to read my webtoon in bed now (like breakfast in bed HAHA!)

Kakao Talk Add Me :))

Hi everyone =) I have KakaoTalk now yay!! But I don’t have many people to talk to so if you want to chat then you can add me my ID is leesumin2394 ID is a combination of my Korean name and my birthday =)

That account got deleted by accident ㅠㅠ but my new ID is snow1994

I like snow (but never see it :D) and I’m born in 1994 so its a “fake wish” :D to see snow ^^

Add me we can chat and help each other out!! Even if you are just a K-popper so am I so we would be perfect ^^