[Grammar] (으) 면 안 되다

[Did this yesterday!!]

I just read this grammar term and thought I would post it up here ^^ I wanted to put it up on the page “Korean Grammar from Notes” but eh it seems like too much work to go through :D

And also I’m not confused about it at all ^^

Should not/ Must not


Verb + (으) 면 안 되다

Basic sentences that help drill the idea into your brain ^^

  • 먹으면 안 돼요
  • 자면 안 돼요
  • 가면 안 돼요

More sentences!! ^^

  • 동생을 골리면 안 된다
  • 전화가 안 됩니다
  • 거기를 가시면 안 돼요
  • 동생을 골리면 안 된다

Its really an easy grammar point to learn (like most of them…lucky…eh!) wrote all this down in my notebook but since this is my online notebook I put it up here too..eh..ㅋㅋㅋ!!!