[Korean Proverb] 하늘의 별 따기

[written 6/8/2013]

Mood : a little stressed ㅠ.ㅠ

Hey ^^ I was studying today when I came across this 하늘의 별 따기 and didn’t know what the hell it was to be quite honest D: it looked to me like it meant taking a star from the sky I wasn’t sure so I took to Google to find out more on this very strange sentence and it turns out it is not a strange sentence but a “Idiom/Proverb” always thought that they were a bit more complex! Maybe it depends on the level you are studying, while I progress they will certainly get harder and harder (:

Hehe! so I searched all this made a load of notes on stuff I found around it ^^ and then finally went to my notebook and wrote down what I found and everything xD ~

Let’s break it down now :D

하늘 – sky

의 – possessive marker

별 – star

따다 – to gain/pick

-기 – gerund to turn a verb into a noun

Really short isn’t it!! Hehe that’s why I actually kind of like it as a first time to seeing anything like this and learning from it :D the literal meaning comes to : Taking a star from the sky and then the colloquial/ or an English equivalent meaning is

Pie in the sky

when something is unattainable and totally out of reach then you can use this expression to express your feeling on the situation to be metaphorical :) for me a good example is when I think to myself I am going to read 4 Korean novels by the end of the year (its my milestone to achieve) I can now think to myself in my head 하늘의 별 따기(예요) hehehe but I know I can do it :D

Hope you guys enjoyed this little thingy I did (: I have never done this apart from the Mothers Day thing with the sentence and useful phrases to say to your Mum in Korean ^^ which I enjoyed very much!! if you enjoyed this please leave a comment and maybe if you know an interesting proverb/idiom share with all of us!!!!! :) I certainly enjoyed learning this ;)

I’m going to study more and more of these ….but….after I read a few more pages of 세상에 너를 소리쳐! which is getting so cute but hard at the same time hehehe. I seem to be forgetting about my #schoolwork due tomorrow 9am sharp D:

Leave many comments, in Korean too if you want we can practice together ^^