[Korean Word] 멍청이

I dunno what to name this post -_- so how about that super plain title because my imagination is rubbish, haha!!

Well I was chatting to my Korean friend and she asked me if I knew the word 멍청이 and obviously I have heard of it before many times but didn’t know that proper usage of it before (who to use it with, how to use it, if its polite or impolite in certain situations) so I asked about those kind of questions and its pretty simple like all things to do with Korean it’s who you said “it” to and “how” you say it to somebody that creates the kind of impression you were looking for (or not looking for!!)

So 멍청이 like 바보 both mean “idiot” but more in a joking way :)

Playing around with friends can warrant the usage of the word 멍청이 which is actually in my opinion a lot more fun to say than 바보 ^^ its just my personal opinion but I would rather say 멍청이 instead of saying  바보 you can add more AEGYO to 멍청이 ^^

What do you think?

Which do you prefer?



[korean slangs] 행쇼

Okay so yesterday I spent my day asking about slang’s from my Korean friend and she was really happy to help me so I learned about 행쇼 which is an abbreviation of 행복하십죠!

When using 행쇼 it has the meaning of “Good luck” in the same sense that the word 화이팅 is used! Totally alone :)

So everybody  행쇼 with your Korean studies today ^^

I’m really enjoying learning new slang’s its soo much fun :)

Have a good day!