오랜만이죠?! :)


Starting with 오랜만이죠! seemed right because its been a few days or longer. I think ㅎㅎㅎ

In the last post I was doing “reading” practice with a CNBLUE article/interview I found on Olleh music ^^ I haven’t finished but I am almost…just about there with it, it’s a little bit challenging but I kinda like that feeling when I work on something :)

I also was learning a bit of grammar ^^ found one very cute and interesting –기만 하면되다 (all you have to do/ you only have to do) I think I wrote a whole page and more on that one ^^ I don’t often enjoy grammar but that was a nice pattern to me ^^

……I also got a new notebook today. Pretty one too, my others are a solid colour this one is flowery and with some butterflies :D How absolutely adorable?! :D


#badphoto sorry about the very plain and bad photo I’m just too tired at the moment to even bother being cute with my photos ^^;;

I am still not sure what I should write in this notebook, maybe some notes on a specific something. 세상에 너를 소리쳐 maybe? I have a notebook for that but its a plain one. Guess it doesn’t matter :)

……..피곤해 :| its in the afternoon but I’m just going to sleep hehe D:

…Bye and thanks for all the lovely comments about the blog and its really awesome you guys support and encouragement means a lot to me ^^




Today I’m looking at reading practice and extending my vocabulary and there is no better way to do it than look for articles that I wanna read about :D

I looked for CNBLUE articles and found this interview (from what I see) it’s all the members talking about each song on the Re:BLUE album hehe how awesome. I got it Olleh music site ^^ I might post the translation I do. Or I might not. Chances of it being readable are unlikely, my translations would probably butcher the whole meaning of the interview/article xD ㅎㅎㅎ

ㅎㅎ #anotherphoto because they all look so handsome 섹시하네요 ♥♥♥


CNBLUE 4th mini Album [Re:BLUE]

씨엔블루가 10개월 만에 국내 발표하는 4번째 미니 앨범 [Re:BLUE]는 6곡 전곡 씨엔블루 자작곡으로 
타이틀곡 ‘I’m sorry’를 비롯, ‘Coffee shop’, ‘나란 남자’, ‘라라라’, ‘Where you are’은 정용화 자작곡이며 
‘나 그대보다’는 이종현이 작곡했다. 특히 타이틀곡 ‘I’m sorry’는 세련되고 강렬한 모던 락 장르의 곡으로 
씨엔블루의 색깔이 잘 드러나 
있다. 씨엔블루가 심혈을 기울인 이번 음반에는 모던 락 외에도 팝 락, 디스코 락 등이 다양하게 
수록되어 있다.

 Track.1 I’m sorry
 정용화 : 부담이 되었던 곡이다. 지금까지 해오던 스타일과 달라서 팬들이 좋아하실지 걱정하며 작업했던 곡이다. 
팝적인 요소를 많이 넣으려고 노력했다. 정말 신경을 많이 썼다.
 이종현 : 이건 비밀이지만 가사가 붙기 전 가이드일 때 sorry 부분이 종현이였다. 
I’m 종현~ I’m 종현~
강민혁 : 노래가 정말 마음에 들어서 어떻게 녹음을 할까 고민을 정말 많이 했다. 
욕심이 컸던 만큼 아쉬움도 크지만 노래와 잘 어울리는 것 같아 다행이다. 
녹음뿐만 아니라 자켓 뮤비 앨범제작 등 많은 부분에 참여 하면서 애착이 많이 
가는 앨범이다.
 이정신 : 우선 많은 다듬질을 하며 작업한 곡이다. 기존의 씨엔블루 타이틀 
곡들과는 다른 느낌이고, 
무엇보다 용화형의 곡이 타이틀곡으로 정해져서 기분이 매우 좋다. 매우!

Track.2 Coffee Shop
 정용화 : 커피숍에서 느낀 생각을 곡을 쓰기 시작했고, 그래서 굉장히 빨리 써진 곡이다. 
처음에 곡을 썼을 때 멤버들이 듣고 굉장히 좋아해서 기뻤던 기억이 난다.
 이종현 : 개인적으로 이번 앨범중 가장 좋아하는 곡이다. 기타리프가 돋보이며 공연이 즐거울 것 같은 곡이다.
 강민혁 : 처음 용화 형의 가이드 버전을 듣자마자 ‘이건 대박이다’ 싶었다. 계속 귀와 입에 맴돌았다. 
여러 진행상황이 궁금한 곡이기도 했다. ‘I’m sorry’ 만큼 이 노래도 정말 많은 사람들이 들어줬으면 하는 
특히 라이브에서 여러 가지를 보여줄 수 있는 재미있는 곡이다.
 이정신 : 커피숍은 리듬이 돋보이는 곡이고 기타리프가 인상적이다. 라이브가 기대되는 곡! 가사도 
귀에 잘 들어오고 신나는 곡이다

Psst…how old is oppa now?

It’s time for me to go a bit nuts for #GoodDoctor and I might have a thing for #TwoWeeks

Well a few days ago I told you guys I was watching 굿닥터 (Good Doctor) and I’m so excited about this drama….this hasn’t happened in a while actually!!!! ^^ Really. I never get excited about drama’s like this but this drama is just up my street of #awesomeness hehehe ^^ I was sceptical after that shameful disaster of a drama (7th Level Civil Servant) but obviously I just could not resist this and just went with it and watched episode one #sub-less mind you but I handled it just fine….or fine enough :)

Joowon has so far perfectly pulled of being an autistic young man. It’s so believable. I don’t know anyone who is autistic or anything like that but, the acting is flawless!!! ^^ or am I biased to him or something like that ~ hehe. I think I am but certain things I cannot lie about (: if this drama starts to suck by episode 5 I don’t think I will be able to continue but if I do continue out of some weird #fanloyalty then I guarantee you a few things :p

  • I am going to know a lot of Korean medical terms (medical vocabulary) already know about 7 medical terms in Korean I don’t think I would ever have cared to look up hehe.
  • I’m going to want to be a pediatrician about 10000000000 times more than I already want to be ^^ but plans change we see what happens in the future I’m still practically a kid :D
  • If I continue with this drama despite it turning to total crap then it can honestly be said that Joowon is my favourite Korean actor ㅎㅎcos I don’t put up with junk unless I am a fan of yours *cough*
  • I will incessantly rave about #GoodDoctor if I love it ^^ it would officially be the first drama of the year I have managed to watch till the end without dropping it 5 episodes in LOL
  • Also, this will officially be my first Korean medical drama EVER ~ never found them interesting they always looked #bland to me!!!!!

I hope the storyline/acting and directing continue like this ^^ I am loving it SO DAMN AWESOME!!!!! ^^

Praying this isn’t a flop right now ~ 제발?! ^^ so far I am not sure if Dramabeans will be recapping this drama I hope girlfriday will though :D

TWO WEEKS  I haven’t watched the drama yet but it looks so good (^_^) that I wanna watch it. Really. I have never believed in Lee Jun-Ki’s acting skills though but up till now the drama’s he was acting in were slightly different roles from this one, also I kinda like these “fugitive” styled dramas. So I feel I must give it a go, who knows I might end up liking it :p Read the recap that was cool. There was blood, blood and more blood on the ground which I know is going to sound morbid but it was very appealing haha! The blood did not make me sick just made me more interested in watching the drama. Also, the thought of liking the dirtbag (Lee Jun-Ki) in a drama seems very interesting, cute and like in the drama you have to choose the characters that you want to turn out alright.

Haven’t seen the show yet but I want the daughter he found out here had (wow! was that English?) to survive I don’t like people dying in drama’s more though a kid that will make me cry and cry I don’t wanna cry. I cry a lot too hehe, emotional drama watcher pfft. :D


Where are you from?

Dunno what I’m doing up at 2am but while I’m awake might as well do something (:

Anyway, these days, well recently I have been getting strange questions from people when they see this “weird language” I am constantly writing  or reading whenever I am standing waiting for a class ^^ in the hallway (:

First time was in a Biology theory revision class I opened my Korean Grammar book just to have a look at some points while I wait and someone asked me ‘What’s that?’ and I answered ‘Korean.’ then came the question I didn’t think was possible to ask

‘Where are you from? Are you from Korea?’

When I was asked that I initially thought it was a big joke actually ㅋㅋㅋ I feel ashamed to say it but I laughed (: then I realised that this person was not joking they genuinely were asking if I was from Korea and what could I do after laughing a little (well! more of a giggle than a laugh) I just had to respond and say ‘No’ politely as I could!!! ^^

One time I put it down to ignorance that someone could think I was from Korea. Because I don’t look Asian at all, and by Asian I mean pale skin, super white I don’t look like that I am a little darker than that actually …so I put the reason that someone could ask is that

‘They just don’t know about Korea’

Second time, was in a Biology practical class and the girl I was partnered with was next to me to get some chemicals for her experiment and I made a mistake which let me exclaiming out “아… 자쯩나!” then she obviously giggled a little because I have a strange voice that squeaks a little when I do something silly ㅎㅎㅎㅎ she asked me ‘What did you say?’ I repeated it then she asked what language it was again I thought okay let me just tell her ‘It’s Korean’ I said and I thought that would be that….but…no I got the same question again

‘Are you from Korea?’ this time I thought to myself ‘No f—-ing way you think I am from freaking Korea? Do you see me?’ didn’t say that to her face though…obviously ㅎㅎㅎ…I just said

“No…I’m from here. Born here. Raised here. Never even left the continent before.” then the question I hadn’t been asked before and I seriously hope I never get it again is “Where is Korea?” to me this was ridiculous how can someone not know this?! it really must be impossible I think but none-the-less I told her “Asia” which seemed to end the conversation …it barely was one…but still that kicked it LOL :)

Most recently last week Friday when I was early for my class as I mentioned in my previous post ‘Unaided Feeling…‘ I had lent my textbook to my classroom partner and obviously its my Biology textbook at some stage I get a little bored with sciences I start to ‘doodle’ in my textbooks little messages like “정용화 섹시 보이 ♥” or longer ones that are lyrics my current would be “그리움이 많아서 차오를 때 비가 부를 테니까” and that will catch anyone eye even if that are not paying attention to the shit written all over someones textbooks :D so she asked me straight out

“What’s all that stuff written in your book” obviously at this time I was actually reading ‘세상에 너를 소리쳐’ and was far-far-away so I looked dumb and said “Huh…” she made her question clearer by saying what’s the stuff I’m reading then I said “Oh! it’s a Korea book” then the question came again :

“Korean? Are you from Korea?” i thought I was done with this xD seems not so I said “No?” this girl though asked more questions

“Why would you learn Korean?” my exact answer was “I like it…” then a few seconds later I said “I like this group too…and a rock band called CNBLUE” obviously this girl seemed more intelligent (mind manners…but its true) the others seemed to know nothing about anything!!!!! (:

Moments like this when I think “If the Hallyu wave hit here” then maybe

1) I could buy my Korean books in a bookstore like a normal human being not order “online”

2) People wouldn’t ask if I was from Korea

3) I could walk in a store and hear a song sung by my favorite band

4) I could write the bloody TOPIK

5) These people would know where Korea was….therefore know its impossible I’m from Korea (I mean really ^^ ME?)

But then I look at all that and I think “its fun to be unique” I don’t plan to be different from everyone else but a chance encounter with a K-drama in 2007 sealed my fate and now this precious language is a part of my life and I wouldn’t have it any different **

I should sleep my eyes are KILLA heavy :p goodnight everyone ♥ but what are some silly questions you have been asked because of Korean? Share your experiences with everyone :D be it quirky or just plain weird!!!! ^^ Look forward to hearing about them.

Sorry for the very non-coherent post ^^ really!!!! I’m not good at typing a 2am ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

[Part Milestone] Unaided feeling…

#delayedpost ^^

I should have posted this on Friday when it happened ~ but I was #procrastinating again and just didn’t (>.<)

Anyway. On Friday morning I was super early for a class at 9am ; being so early I had a lot of energy ㅎㅎ and as I always try and carry a Korean book (textbook or a reading book) on Friday I had 세상에 너를 소리쳐! with me and NO dictionary for a few trouble words I may come across but I just thought “whatever” let me just read it and see how much I understand and then BANG! I read one line and thought ‘Mmm. Cool I understand’ then I read more before I knew it I had been reading for 5 minutes ; it was a whole page and I was totally unaided by a dictionary I knew all these words ; all this grammar xD~

I was so excited and happy I don’t know how I can express how happy I was I just felt like I was walking on a cloud because I was just so “happy” was smiling so much!!! ^^ Really!

I have read many times (most times) without any aid of a dictionary ; but it was how much I read that shocked me so much ^^ usually what I read are transcripts not a ‘Korean book’ in total Korean without a wordlist hehe so the feeling is really amazing I don’t know if I can ever stop now ^^ once you get the feeling of accomplishment in something you have always wanted you just keep going that’s how I am right now (:

정말 행복해 ^^ and this can only better by me finishing the book ~~ and thank you everyone for your support :) I appreciate it a lot!!! ^^

Booktobrain ;)

Everything is going from Book –>> to –>> Brain #studying

Done with #school early today! 12pm which is great more time to study hehehe ;) and believe me I am taking full advantage of that, granted though I have #schoolwork to do but that can be done later. Right now there is lots to be read!!!! ^^

#연세 한국어 4-1

B/W filter photo of notes/ and 연세 book ^^

I was reading the 연세 4-1 book and reading the transcript was a lot of fun :D learned one new grammar from it –던데 and from studying with  a song I happen to LOVE I studied another one –더라도 and both of these grammar patterns took me only a few minutes to learn ^^ practice with and understand the basic concepts and their usage and structure :D GREAT!!! ^^

The song was “사랑은 비를 타고” I love that song and more and more these days maybe its because of the way I am feeling :P although the song actually doesn’t correlate with how I feel still I am enjoying it at anytime. Loop constantly! ;)

외국생활이 – this was a word in the first sentence of the transcript in a chapter of this book (연세 4-1) I had no idea what it meant though so I had to look it up in my trusty Naver dictionary and when I looked up the whole word nothing came up so I just took the particle off and then it came up!! I always forget sometimes that Korean unlike English cannot just be looked up, there are stems and what-not D: so I finally got the meaning of that word as living overseas/living abroad then looking at the 한자 made me almost scream because it is so hard. I tried to write it down but that turned out very ugly. The Hanja is : 外國生活 

Hard. Hehehe :P I think you have to have some Asian language background to write in Chinese neatly?!

알맞은 쓰십시오 There is a section in the Yonsei book which I will tell more about when I actually review it! But its a “fill in the blank” with the correct vocabulary words and I actually quite like it very much. It engages my mind in a different way, honestly never done an exercise like that. Its very ‘cool’ in the sense of thinking, Korean Grammar In Use has a section for it but because certain parts of it were just easy-peasy I didn’t feel the challenge but this one is HARD and FUN all at the same time (: which I absolutely give five stars to ^^ its like a section in TOPIK test papers ~~ also a weak point of mine ㅠ.ㅠ

Too improve though. If I am weak at it then improvements are made FAST!

Two cents put in :D today I have a !@#$%^&* load to do #guilty but also I have the insatiable urge to study Korean, after hitting a few plateaus I have finally found my ground again (: which I am personally happy about. ^^ Hehe. This has been a little update on my day of study so far, I have learnt two grammar points and one odd word I didn’t know before ^^ done 3 excersises I found to be very engaging and fun also helpful for my weak points. Which are vocabulary :) Will continue to study because its still early now just after 2pm…. ^^

#colourphoto ;)

Color version :D #koreanbooks

Have a good day everyone ^^


[Korean Proverb] 하늘의 별 따기

[written 6/8/2013]

Mood : a little stressed ㅠ.ㅠ

Hey ^^ I was studying today when I came across this 하늘의 별 따기 and didn’t know what the hell it was to be quite honest D: it looked to me like it meant taking a star from the sky I wasn’t sure so I took to Google to find out more on this very strange sentence and it turns out it is not a strange sentence but a “Idiom/Proverb” always thought that they were a bit more complex! Maybe it depends on the level you are studying, while I progress they will certainly get harder and harder (:

Hehe! so I searched all this made a load of notes on stuff I found around it ^^ and then finally went to my notebook and wrote down what I found and everything xD ~

Let’s break it down now :D

하늘 – sky

의 – possessive marker

별 – star

따다 – to gain/pick

-기 – gerund to turn a verb into a noun

Really short isn’t it!! Hehe that’s why I actually kind of like it as a first time to seeing anything like this and learning from it :D the literal meaning comes to : Taking a star from the sky and then the colloquial/ or an English equivalent meaning is

Pie in the sky

when something is unattainable and totally out of reach then you can use this expression to express your feeling on the situation to be metaphorical :) for me a good example is when I think to myself I am going to read 4 Korean novels by the end of the year (its my milestone to achieve) I can now think to myself in my head 하늘의 별 따기(예요) hehehe but I know I can do it :D

Hope you guys enjoyed this little thingy I did (: I have never done this apart from the Mothers Day thing with the sentence and useful phrases to say to your Mum in Korean ^^ which I enjoyed very much!! if you enjoyed this please leave a comment and maybe if you know an interesting proverb/idiom share with all of us!!!!! :) I certainly enjoyed learning this ;)

I’m going to study more and more of these ….but….after I read a few more pages of 세상에 너를 소리쳐! which is getting so cute but hard at the same time hehehe. I seem to be forgetting about my #schoolwork due tomorrow 9am sharp D:

Leave many comments, in Korean too if you want we can practice together ^^