헤피 데이 ^(^_^)^

안녕하세요 여러분 ^(^_^)^ 오늘은 시험 있었어요 ㅠ.ㅠ 시험 세상에서 제일 싫어요 ><

I wanna study Korean right now but I can I have to practice writing the exam with past IGCSE papers ㅠ.ㅠ 저말 어려워요 ~ but I can do it ^^ 나중에 한국어를 공부 할 거예요 ~ 카카오톡에서 친구랑 연습 할 거야! ^(^_^)^ my Kakao is working again and its gotten even better…I still like the 라인 엡 more though :p

움! 아파 I feel a little sick now (:

안녕히 계세요 ~


경험은 정말 중요해!

경험은 정말 중요해! ~ Experience is important!

I learnt this sentence while I was studying Korean this morning ^^ and its a very true sentence ~

Anyway, I haven’t been updating for a while my random posts are increasing its not a good start to the month (or is it an end to the month?) I have written maybe 3 posts this whole month on my Korean studies and actually those 3 times when I wrote a blog post are the only times when I actually studied Korean for more than 5 minutes, every other time I have studied its been like a ritual for me *listen to koreanclass101 podcast* then *write down vocabulary you don’t know* followed by the very formula like ritual of *read grammar & study grammar*  till I know it then figure the formula of the grammar out then just read the lesson notes again…followed by 3 minutes of reading grammar in a grammar book then THE END ~ study time is over!!!! Really. To me that is not studying that is listening because half of that stuff will be very weak in my memory by the end of the day ~ yes I have a pretty short memory on almost everything I read, if I stop revising on it I will forget it, its almost inevitable but I don’t wanna study everything like that. I’m doing it like that because I only have time for a few hours in the morning (6-8am) which I use half of the time getting ready for my lesson, which leaves me just an hour to read something quick. Awful way to study ㅠ.ㅠ

I hate doing things in that ‘ritual like’ way where everything is just like a motion to get to a means ~ ><

Luckily though I haven’t forgotten anything ~ phew!!! I would be really angry at myself if I even forgot one word or one grammar point. Even though getting angry at myself is a silly thing to do I would actually >< its how I am, just that kind of person. :)

Now time for general updates and worries :D

I have a read a few stories about peoples wordpress.com blogs being deleted without any kind of forewarning ㅠ.ㅠ OMG!! These a super true horror stories ~ that are scaring me, has anyone had their blog deleted or closed ; suspended because of some conditions or something being broken? I’m worried. Yesterday I began looking at some self-hosting .com options because honestly I happen to love my blog, and blogging everything of the past year+ is right here and in my heart and mind I have every intention of carrying this blog on for even the next 10 years (or all my life!) because I will still be studying 한국어 maybe by then my dreams will have come true and my hard work will have paid off and I will actually be in KOREA or maybe I won’t be!! I don’t know about those things. All I know is I will still be studying Korean (maybe not the language because I will be fluent but the culture and the country) or another language I might fall in love with. You just never know what’s going to happen, its in all in the hands of fate and the universe. But the BLOG will still be here, I will still be here. Hence the reason this is actually creeping me out I don’t wanna go 5 years with the blog and have someone just delete it on a whim and I am stuck and unable to retrieve my life basically, that would kill me ㅎㅎ

That’s why I am 85% inclined to go .com with the blog being powered by wordpress.org within the next week or two but the other 15% of me is thinking C’mon Kay are you not being just a little bit dramatic? How would this happen to your blog?  I always manage to answer my own question though. I have very bad luck and its my blog that this would probably happen to, somehow they would just find me and delete me *scream* I really need to think about this one…..long and hard ~ its not a decision detrimental my life in the literal sense but it is important to me ~really it is I don’t think I want to make a ‘wrong choice’ and suffer a consequence I was trying to avoid.

Other than that one plaguing worry I am totally AWESOME~ I have new glasses which is super I had stopped wearing my old ones because they were pissing me of they were making my face look weirder than it should actually look ㅠ.ㅠ they are almost identical styles but the news ones are smaller and ‘prettier’ IMO ^(^_^)^


not much difference though ^(^_^)^
not much difference though ^(^_^)^

Mmm. Looking at them again they really do look almost identical, not very adventurous of me now is it D: but I do like them more because they have red on them hehe~ as opposed to the other ones which were just plain looking >< now I can see my Korean notes better and read longer without getting a massive migraine like I usually do hehe~ great! :p

Now…I have #schoolwork to do ~Biology tomorrow, early in the morning too >< I get my test results then too which I am a bit nervous about I won’t lie although I do think I did alright it might not be as well as I wanted to do ㅠ.ㅠ

About going self-hosted .com blog with wordpress.org please at least help me with this decision is it a good idea? I want to do it because I am scared of loosing my blog and everything else on here ~also with a wordpress.org I have will have more features which is great I like playing with customizations and the ones on wordpress.com are a little weak so it would be nice and a different experience :D playing around and making the blog my ‘own’ to suit me!! ^^ even though I am inexperienced hehe ^^

That’s my two cents of the weekend :D have a good Monday ~I know they can be a bit shitty lol~~~~


[Part Milestone] Unaided feeling…

#delayedpost ^^

I should have posted this on Friday when it happened ~ but I was #procrastinating again and just didn’t (>.<)

Anyway. On Friday morning I was super early for a class at 9am ; being so early I had a lot of energy ㅎㅎ and as I always try and carry a Korean book (textbook or a reading book) on Friday I had 세상에 너를 소리쳐! with me and NO dictionary for a few trouble words I may come across but I just thought “whatever” let me just read it and see how much I understand and then BANG! I read one line and thought ‘Mmm. Cool I understand’ then I read more before I knew it I had been reading for 5 minutes ; it was a whole page and I was totally unaided by a dictionary I knew all these words ; all this grammar xD~

I was so excited and happy I don’t know how I can express how happy I was I just felt like I was walking on a cloud because I was just so “happy” was smiling so much!!! ^^ Really!

I have read many times (most times) without any aid of a dictionary ; but it was how much I read that shocked me so much ^^ usually what I read are transcripts not a ‘Korean book’ in total Korean without a wordlist hehe so the feeling is really amazing I don’t know if I can ever stop now ^^ once you get the feeling of accomplishment in something you have always wanted you just keep going that’s how I am right now (:

정말 행복해 ^^ and this can only better by me finishing the book ~~ and thank you everyone for your support :) I appreciate it a lot!!! ^^

Booktobrain ;)

Everything is going from Book –>> to –>> Brain #studying

Done with #school early today! 12pm which is great more time to study hehehe ;) and believe me I am taking full advantage of that, granted though I have #schoolwork to do but that can be done later. Right now there is lots to be read!!!! ^^

#연세 한국어 4-1

B/W filter photo of notes/ and 연세 book ^^

I was reading the 연세 4-1 book and reading the transcript was a lot of fun :D learned one new grammar from it –던데 and from studying with  a song I happen to LOVE I studied another one –더라도 and both of these grammar patterns took me only a few minutes to learn ^^ practice with and understand the basic concepts and their usage and structure :D GREAT!!! ^^

The song was “사랑은 비를 타고” I love that song and more and more these days maybe its because of the way I am feeling :P although the song actually doesn’t correlate with how I feel still I am enjoying it at anytime. Loop constantly! ;)

외국생활이 – this was a word in the first sentence of the transcript in a chapter of this book (연세 4-1) I had no idea what it meant though so I had to look it up in my trusty Naver dictionary and when I looked up the whole word nothing came up so I just took the particle off and then it came up!! I always forget sometimes that Korean unlike English cannot just be looked up, there are stems and what-not D: so I finally got the meaning of that word as living overseas/living abroad then looking at the 한자 made me almost scream because it is so hard. I tried to write it down but that turned out very ugly. The Hanja is : 外國生活 

Hard. Hehehe :P I think you have to have some Asian language background to write in Chinese neatly?!

알맞은 쓰십시오 There is a section in the Yonsei book which I will tell more about when I actually review it! But its a “fill in the blank” with the correct vocabulary words and I actually quite like it very much. It engages my mind in a different way, honestly never done an exercise like that. Its very ‘cool’ in the sense of thinking, Korean Grammar In Use has a section for it but because certain parts of it were just easy-peasy I didn’t feel the challenge but this one is HARD and FUN all at the same time (: which I absolutely give five stars to ^^ its like a section in TOPIK test papers ~~ also a weak point of mine ㅠ.ㅠ

Too improve though. If I am weak at it then improvements are made FAST!

Two cents put in :D today I have a !@#$%^&* load to do #guilty but also I have the insatiable urge to study Korean, after hitting a few plateaus I have finally found my ground again (: which I am personally happy about. ^^ Hehe. This has been a little update on my day of study so far, I have learnt two grammar points and one odd word I didn’t know before ^^ done 3 excersises I found to be very engaging and fun also helpful for my weak points. Which are vocabulary :) Will continue to study because its still early now just after 2pm…. ^^

#colourphoto ;)

Color version :D #koreanbooks

Have a good day everyone ^^


[Korean Proverb] 하늘의 별 따기

[written 6/8/2013]

Mood : a little stressed ㅠ.ㅠ

Hey ^^ I was studying today when I came across this 하늘의 별 따기 and didn’t know what the hell it was to be quite honest D: it looked to me like it meant taking a star from the sky I wasn’t sure so I took to Google to find out more on this very strange sentence and it turns out it is not a strange sentence but a “Idiom/Proverb” always thought that they were a bit more complex! Maybe it depends on the level you are studying, while I progress they will certainly get harder and harder (:

Hehe! so I searched all this made a load of notes on stuff I found around it ^^ and then finally went to my notebook and wrote down what I found and everything xD ~

Let’s break it down now :D

하늘 – sky

의 – possessive marker

별 – star

따다 – to gain/pick

-기 – gerund to turn a verb into a noun

Really short isn’t it!! Hehe that’s why I actually kind of like it as a first time to seeing anything like this and learning from it :D the literal meaning comes to : Taking a star from the sky and then the colloquial/ or an English equivalent meaning is

Pie in the sky

when something is unattainable and totally out of reach then you can use this expression to express your feeling on the situation to be metaphorical :) for me a good example is when I think to myself I am going to read 4 Korean novels by the end of the year (its my milestone to achieve) I can now think to myself in my head 하늘의 별 따기(예요) hehehe but I know I can do it :D

Hope you guys enjoyed this little thingy I did (: I have never done this apart from the Mothers Day thing with the sentence and useful phrases to say to your Mum in Korean ^^ which I enjoyed very much!! if you enjoyed this please leave a comment and maybe if you know an interesting proverb/idiom share with all of us!!!!! :) I certainly enjoyed learning this ;)

I’m going to study more and more of these ….but….after I read a few more pages of 세상에 너를 소리쳐! which is getting so cute but hard at the same time hehehe. I seem to be forgetting about my #schoolwork due tomorrow 9am sharp D:

Leave many comments, in Korean too if you want we can practice together ^^


안녕 :)

I didn’t study as much as I wanted to! Obviously I never really do because I expect too much from myself :) but I did learn a few things and actually found a few new Korean language exchange friends (two actually) which is great!

I love new people HAHA!

Still reading 세상에 너를 소리쳐! it’s getting just a little bit hard but that is no problem I can handle it just fine ^^ and even though there is some difficulty it is a lot of fun when I read the book I have the thought that “I’m getting closer to the end of the book! Keep going don’t stop.”  and then I just don’t stop!

I have though, amassed a lot of notes on this book in only 20 pages LOL ^^ there is loads ~

I will share it in an Audio Blog post. Maybe. or Maybe not. I’m not certain but I know I want to share it all in an audio blog post just for 세상에 너를 소리쳐! so if I can I most definitely will share it with everyone.

Chances are I will though just depends on the time issue, and my internet connection tends to act up on me ^^

Read an interesting Chapter in a Korean textbook of mine about the grammar pattern -거든요 and I actually like that grammar pattern and it seems like its recently often used in speech to show disinterest to what someone is saying.

Figures. I would like anything that shows rudeness xD~

Then I also took a break and read a random webtoon which was actually really nice ~ though I am certain that if I had read the 1st episode the characters would make more sense to me but I went and read the 117th episode in the series.

Silly silly me! :)

Anyway, feel free to leave your opinions and everybody 굿밤!!

Sentence Ending + Grammar Patterns/Points

Yeah. They are different :D

Just figured this out a few hours ago when I was studying with an online resource (Intermediate) and I was looking at the transcript with the sentence endings and grammar points/patterns used and it occurred to me

“why are they saying grammar pattern and sentence ending? are they not the same things? like they are all at the end of a sentence. Right?”

Mmm. Well it seems not.

I know this is really!! really! irrelevant but hey its a journal/diary/blog of all the things I encounter and go through learning this exceptional and beautifully artistic language 한국어 so it actually belongs right here ~

Anyway. :)

They are really not the same because actually grammar points/patterns can be used in any part of the sentence unlike sentence endings which can only be used as sentence endings obviously as it says ‘sentence endings’ it should have been obvious to me but I guess I wasn’t really thinking about it logically just had the idea that ‘They are all the same things!!’ which is absolutely wrong ^^

Right. For example purposes lets look at the differences of the two. OK.

A sentence ending only used at a the END of a sentence lets use –나요 which is a pretty popular sentence ending in Korean and a few examples are

  • 내일 오시나요? Are you coming tomorrow?
  • 엄마! 살 수 있나요?  Mom! Can I buy this?

Short. Simple and self-explanatory examples of the fact that this is a sentence ending and only used at the END of sentences ^^ I’d make more but that would serve no purpose HAHA!

Now for the grammar, I have a lot of sentences in my head but thinking of choosing two. Hmm. This is a bot harder but here goes 4 examples of a grammar pattern

  • 제 눈에는 정용화 오빠 밖에 안 보여요. My eyes only see Jung Yong-hwa oppa.

OMG! After writing that example I suddenly don’t want to write anymore xD its a very pathetic sentence but I am a very dedicated fangirl hehehehe!!!!!!!!!

You get the point though. I sure as hell did not know that it made a difference whether you called it a sentence ending or a grammar pattern till today (: very strange but you learn something new every single day and this is basically what I learned today.

That’s it ^^ my two cents :D