[Good News] Just got HaruKorean!

#useless post (:

I am so happy because just a while ago I got HaruKorean :D I’ve always wanted to have HaruKorean to see what it is like but because of PayPal I just couldn’t but I asked my Mum to ask a friend of her’s outside of the country to get me a subscription and she did :D so now I have it and I definitely won’t be stopping the subscription ^^ will be keeping it!!!!

LOVE it (:

I have only used it a few times but when I know more I will tell about it (:

But one word it is “AWESOME”

안녕 ^^


NAVER Webtoon Novels

Probably nothing new at all but lately I have been trying to read more often and sometimes reading and translating articles is actually sometimes boring for me ^^ so I like more of a story, something I can follow, and then now happy me :) has these lovely NAVER Webtoon Novels


So far as I can see there is actually a lot of Novels to choose from ; a whole range of genres to choose from although the range is not as wide as the Webtoon section but it’s still good ^^

I have already chosen two Webtoon Novels to read (: have no idea how good they are but I hope I like the stories, I did try and choose novels that had not gone too far (early on in the series) so I can either catch up or just follow along weekly for the rest of the series!!

My choices (so far) are :

  • 복수의 탄생
  • 헬로우 웨딩

[Horror and Mystery] Just two for now (: okay 복수의 탄생 I think based on my translation (please don’t take it as accurate) is “Birth of Revenge” and at the moment there is only one novel of the series posted and I assume (based on little reading) that the next instalment of the novel is released next week Monday and by next week Monday I will be all done reading this one!!! I hope :D

birth of revenge

So I will be reading that novel series today ^^

[Romance] My second choice is 헬로우 웨딩 and thankfully the title is actually really simple ^^ “Hello Wedding”  I think its correct, but on this one there are a little more instalments of the novel series…so more reading for me to catch up ..all 23 of them (: will have to read a bit faster (with notes obviously)

hello wedding

I have already added them to my favourites in NAVER so I never miss an episode, wouldn’t want that to happen ㅎㅎㅎ


I really love the promotional photo for “Birth of Revenge” reminds me so much of 각시탈 ^^


Are you reading any Novels? Which ones?

Leave your opinions ^^

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(study tool) Memrise

Ooh! I love new sites and learning from them it’s just so much fun xD

Today I spent most of my day learning Korean vocabulary with Memrise recommended to me by Oegukeen this morning and all I did was study on it, filled 12 pages I think with words and sample sentences and Hanja!

So Memrise is like Anki only you do nothing :) you just sign-up (me) and then choose a Korean course (here) and then now this is where I find it cute like I found LingQ cute is the way its done, you click on your course and then you get this system where you have seeds and then you study your ready to be planted seeds; by studying them with definition reviews and audio with “Mems” which are hints, and you can also create your own to make is easier to remember the word or phrase.

Then, once you have studied your words/phrases (ready to plant seeds) your seeds then become (harvested) and then they have a countdown on when they will be harvested which is fun watching the timer (yes! I did that in between writing some Lang-8 entries and writing and looking up Hanja) and looking for apps to learn Hanja and test myself :)

Then after that I had to type in the Korean word from the English definition hint and then gather more points (which are fun!) and most of the time I got them correct (some mistakes are expected xD)

Then now my seeds (words) are waiting to be watered and while they do that I continuously review them and learn and learn xD

It’s a lot of fun check it out :)

Now I go and try my translating skills xD

Have a good weekend!

Current score ^_^ Screenshot_7

[study tool] Using LingQ

I always stumble onto things that I later find useful with my study’s :) odd!

So, using LingQ :) lovely little site that I have been using for all of 36hrs ㅋㅋㅋ

Using one resource to study does not work well with me so I am using LingQ but its alongside a whole load of other sites :)

So LingQ works on a system similar to Anki, it has a Korean script on the side and then it has the Audio file (you can download audio) and print the lesson script and listen to it for a while (5 times did it for me!) then you have the lesson script, right? So you can highlight the words you know and don’t know, it’s sort of like FLTR and Anki mixed up together to create an all in one for you ^_^ all the words and everything to study you just got to click it no need to search on Naver or Daum for it ^^

Alright! Then you can give yourself a quiz and go over your words and memorize and study them, personally I think that instead of printing the lesson transcript you should write it down, for me writing helps me remember better than a printed document ^_^

I think that LingQ is a lot of fun to use ^_^

Oh ~ and look at the bottom of my blog ^_^ you see that weird picture there the PINK thing? That’s my growing LingQ Avatar ^_^ haha! The more words I learn the more my Avatar grows!!!! How awesome is that?

I’m sorry I find that just so cute and funny ^_^ fun way to watch progress! And yes he hasn’t grown yet ㅠㅠ he will grow in a few minutes when I quiz myself xD

[study method] Premium Lesson Checklist

Today I had the whole day in my home ground (a.k.a my couch) to look at new ways to better learn Korean and try out new sites and features, and just generally look around and see what makes me comfortable in learning and use it (:

And I found two sites that I knew of but never really had the chance to try out! These two sites Koreanclass101 and LingQ are very very helpful in learning so I used them a lot today and of cause I used (: as always! For their explanations!

How I found these sites useful :

Korean Class 101

I used this way back when I first started…..then I stopped for so long my mind went BLANK then when I started up Korean learning again I forgot about KClass101 and just started using Talk To Me In Korean! because it was by the same guy that used to be and KClass101 and its FREE (: and I quote what I used to call Hyunwoo Sun when he was at KoreanClass101 “that guy standing on his hands” #sorry I was bad at names (:

But today I dug up my old account paid for a month subscription and started using it right away and (Aww) missed it! Its still very very good to me (: and I found the “Premium Lesson Checklist”  which I had no clue of ㅠㅠ

And its really useful to be honest and not just with Koreanclass101 lessons but all lessons even if all your doing is reading a Korean tweet to test yourself writing it all down on the checklist (minus the comment …unless you want to reply) is very useful and it helps with your confidence :)

Next site I used (together with the checklist) was LingQ which I had known of but honestly! Never known how to use it :p

Time and patience proved to be worth it on this one because I soon figured it all out haha! And its a lovely little system I went through about 20 lessons today and created a whole load of LingQ’s and for each lesson put it in with the checklist!

Talk To Me In Korean – this site is part of my daily life xD I live on it! Its my browsers homepage haha!!! So I never miss an update :)

But I used the checklist too with the TTMIK lessons it very productive! I will use these checklists for every lesson I do :)

ps: I’m an environmental nut so I don’t agree with printing all the checklist papers for all the lessons I do! That would amount to too much paper and too many trees dying so I fill them out within Adobe :p

Faith 2012 Drama Transcripts [1-7]

Korean subtitles for Korean drama’s …well that’s just about my dream come true isn’t it :) but sadly I couldn’t actually find any .srt in Korean for Korean drama’s but hey I found the next best thing!! transcripts yay!!…I was seriously going ballistic looking for transcripts (when I figured out they existed) and I found them …after 5 hours of hunting (I know its a long time but I’m not a good googler ^^) so i found the Korean transcript for the drama Faith episodes 1-7 and I thought let me share them with some of you all who might me like me (crazy Lee Min Ho fans….or other!)

So here they are the transcripts for Faith episodes 1-7 on 4Shared [click here] …I created a page just for drama transcripts ^^ I think I have fallen in love with transcripts now….they are by far the perfect study tool!! Just print ‘em and watch the drama ^^

4Shared Link 1-7 [CLICK HERE] I’ll keep updating the folder with new episodes just check this page [click here] for more drama transcripts!!

Kakao Talk | Korean Study Tool

I have a new best friend!! Kakao Talk I think I now live on that App before  yeah I had friends on it but when I realised it could actually be a form of Korean study well that just made me go a little loopy!! Now I think I would say that my Korean is finally improving!! I’m moving forward in learning Korean being able to use my knowledge of many grammatical endings and being able to conjugate better that I could 3 weeks ago and my vocabulary has improved…now I’m not stuck on the 하다 verb anymore!!

I am now off to write my 100% Korean passage and create my first audio blog ㅋㅋㅋ