Today I woke up with one thing in my mind “focus” and I think I need a bit more of a core base on learning with a focus on linguistics ^.^ not just the way I do things but they way things are supposed to be done. Maybe meeting both sets of ideas in the middle will help me, I have read many times that there is no “right way” to learn a language but I know that there is a recommended way to learn a language :) and I want to know that way and see how it differs from my way ^^

I know I do a lot in trying to learn learning Korean but are they normal? That’s a point I don’t know ~ a few things I try to do when I am learning..don’t always get them done but its a healthy checklist I try to keep up with (:

This is an example using some things that happened last week ~

  • Listen.Read.Write : start off with listening to the dialog then read the dialog that I just heard with either a transcript I have printed or if its in book for just from the book underlining problem areas then I start writing the dialog down with any notes I have either below or on the side (in a margin maybe)
  • Use whatever I have learnt in an email to my Korean friend seeing to it that I am using it and understanding it ^.^
  • Find anything I have watched or heard in the last few days with what I have learnt in it ; for example last week learning grammar point –뿐이다 I was going to just search in Naver but before I had a chance my sister very conveniently asked me while she was listening to a 2PM song she has on repeat (she likes Nickhun) she said to me “What does that 하루 thing mean?” I just instantly remembered this 뿐이야 and so I quickly went with a pen and paper to her she played the song and I wrote down “하루 종일 니 생각 뿐이야” as I heard it and it was correct ^.^ then I told her what it meant ~ but I was thrilled at myself just for writing and knowing it by ear, looked it up in Naver and it was all correct xD
  • Apart from using it in conversations as much as I can ; because sometimes there is just nothing you want to say at that moment that needs what you know, I use it in my head a lot an example would be : 잠만 자고 싶을 뿐이에요! in a tone meaning “nothing ..I just wanna sleep I am too tired to do anything else ..but sleep” like that ~ ^^
  • Then continue expanding with what I know around things (news articles…tweets..me2day) that have grammar I know or am currently learning ^.^ which helps me improve in reading and understanding. Having a decent conversation on my own though is entirely different and  is developing slowly and I think I will be there in a few months (3 –4)

Like that! Is how I study as you can see there is no real “structure” just things I do that seem to help me make it through without yanking my hair out ^.^ it’s a a touch-and-go system xD if it wasn’t for pure love of Korean I probably would have called it quits a very long time ago but ~ as I adore Korea and everything Korean my heart keeps going and that’s mostly what gets me through tough spots ..the thought :

Korea is so wonderful and the beautiful sound of the Korean language

is possible if you keep studying…

That is my motivation most days xD ~ amazing isn’t it being driven by love of sound and love of language!! ^.^

So with that done I have a few books in mind to pick up as a second opinion on language learning :) and that should be great fun xD obviously I will post a review or overview of anything I read ~ I didn’t realise it but this post is a little longer than usual so I think I will stop it here for now :) it’s just I’m really in a good mood today …I have been in a “ !@#$%^&* I don’t care” mood for a few days now and I finally snapped out of it today lol!! Just in time too I have Biology and that mood is not good for learning ^^;;

Goal Get my confidence up! and I thank everyone for being super patient with me when I am confused ~ thank you 언니 <3

Expect soon Yonsei 4-1 Korean textbook review (2-3 weeks)

Everyone have a super day :p and eat lots of candy xD I love candy a lot ~